The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 7 April 1988

In With The Wisbech Lot



My No.1: ‘Marian (Version)’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


Eldritch: first and last and always.


Oh.  Carnal lust.  I defy myself.  YAAAAAAAH! 


I did sad things with someone I have before, but shouldn’t have.  Intercourse didn’t occur – it never has – just lots of sex play.  I wish it hadn’t.  Even though she instigated it, I felt like some monster.  Especially after I ‘got off’ with my good mate Hazel last week.  All cos we were pissed.  She must like me in a way, though.


Today Ash travels to London.


Ash, with his long dark, crimped hair, his long black jumper, tight, holey jeans, ribbony bits and guitar is LOVELY GORGEOUS.  Stan with his top-knot, shades and guitar is a SHITTY TWAT.  I, with my long, slightly backcombed crimp, eye-liner, sleeveless t-shirt, tree of life necklace, tassel belt, ripped black jeans and goth-boots, am a NICE SPASTIC.  Dan, with his long jumper, turned-up blue jeans and quiffy hair is a CUDDLY DIMBOG…




Life’s great, innit, folks? 


That I’m finally ‘IN’ with the ‘Wisbech Lot’ after all this time is great.  I feel really good, too.  It’s taken long enough.  I’m a Wizzer-Weirdo!  HACE!


Hazel phoned this morning, following a not surprising ‘short silence’.  She knows all about the ‘new’ band, etc, and it’s good that she rang.  But I want to have no further lustful stuff with her.


Back to the plot…




‘Summer Nights’ – John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John


Hazel rang tonite whilst I was having my evening meal.  She spoke of her ailments (a throat infection) and a day spent with the omnipresent Legs, whom she tried to ignore by immersing herself in conversation with her sister.  Astra and Danny sent their salutations to me and Chip, whom all regard fondly.  I am grateful.


I wanted to communicate with Gordon about developments regarding ‘the Ring’, but failed.


My heart was sad, but it rose and sang at a call from the distant voice of Justine and her closest friend (and noble companion) Vikki.  It has been a long time since we spoke, and even longer since we touched and loved.  Justine had fallen to illness, which is why she couldn’t make it to The Mission with the other Children of God.  We had a beautiful conversation, and it seems we still regard each other very highly.  I think we are in love.


I love the music on the Natrel advert.  Musically orgasmic.

Oh, and Gene Loves Jezebel are mine again.


PRIDE, DETERMINATION and LOVE reside within me.




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Next time: ‘The Stan and Naomi Vortex…’

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