The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 18 April 1988

Heaven on Earth




‘Preacher Man’ – Fields of the Nephilim


Way past my bedtime, I suppose.  But I’ve got to talk about the weekend before I go to the place I hate later today.  As you can hear, The Nephilim are on.


Oooh.  I love T’Nephilim.


This has been the best weekend I’ve had in ages.  And now I am dolefully in love with Flash and Amanda (who gave me a picture of her).


At last, Flash and I are on the real road to once again being an ace pair of dongers.  We are ‘reunited’ (once again) and that’s brilliant.  ESMER!!!  PEARLA!!!


‘Heaven On Earth’ – The Mission


This song.  Wow!  Physical-emotional orgasm.  I feel beautiful.





I feel so ‘total’ about Flash.  And Amanda.


And the Wire LP my Dad gave me is ESMER!


I hope Flash and I write a lot.  And I hope all 3 (R, F + M) of us stay really close.  Hope to see Eddie soon, too.


All I can say is:








‘Which Side’ – Red Lorry Yellow Lorry


A black dagger, dripping with black blood…


RING OF ROSES bothers me.  Tonite there should have been a practice at The Tower, but there was not.  Nor should I expect there’ll be one on Wednesday night.




Well.  Dan and I are really, really eager to begin work.  But Stan now seems to be constantly in NORWICH (bonking Naomi, I should expect) and wasn’t around today.  And Ash, who should have been back on Friday, is still in LONDON.  Well, presumably.  According to Dan, Ash’s practically ‘gone missing’.  Obviously, it’s probably not as bad as that, but NO ONE has been able to contact him + he hasn’t been heard from for ages. 






‘Hots On For Nowhere’ – Led Zeppelin


Flash wrote me a letter – or rather several letters over a series of days during the week before I went up – and he gave me it at the weekend.  It’s lovely, too.  The first part talks about his relationship with Norman being beset by bad communication, but him thinking Norman’s okay.  It also says:


‘You phoned tonight.  I was glad you phoned.  Sorry if I sounded a bit “off”, but excuses, excuses, excuses!’


The second part has him being upset about some kids taking the piss out of him and Manda.  It’s the things they said about Manda that upset him the most.


‘I could happily have attacked them violently, but Amanda wouldn’t let me.  It’s not civilised, I know, but it would help me feel better.’


He also says:


‘Nnngk!  I think I’m in love.  There is a girl I’ve been talking to, Sally Foxton, and I think I’m in love.’


Obviously there’s the question of Manda, to which he says:


‘It’s a shame, it really is, but I think Manda + I are experiencing the beginning of the end.  After yesterday, and the way things are today, it looks like the end.  It’s sad.’


The third part sees him perking up a bit:


‘Things aint too bad, and it definitely ain’t the end between Manda + me.  It’s a shame that Norman + I don’t make brilliant conversation.  Why isn’t everyone like you, or Manda, or Sally?  I suppose if they were, then you and them wouldn’t be special.’


He continues:


‘Cor, I’ve just seen a lass with great tits on this kids’ programme!  Wow!  It’s Friday and you ought to be coming up my end today.  I hope you are, I really do, and I really hope you haven’t decided against it.  It would be awful because I’m really looking forward to you coming, and if you don’t come I’ll be stuck for things to do.  I want thee to come to York tomorrow, and if you don’t come, I can’t go, cos there’ll be no-one I know really.  And I WANT YOU TO BE HERE!  IT’LL BE SCHEISSE IF YOU’RE NOT!!  I suppose you’re reading this now, feeling guilty because you didn’t come!  Well, never mind if you are… it don’t matter…





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Next time: ‘Garden of delight…’

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