The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 4 April 1988

Ash and Dan


In Purple walls and Crimson body…


‘Beauty School Dropout’ – Frankie Avalon


Flesh and blood.  In sinking blackscapes, I reflect upon retrospective realities.  The bell rings.  Five times; the chill.  The madman blinks at me.  I sink into my most recent pasts…


I watched the final episode of Crossroads. 


And was also delighted to watch Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.


Carnal desire CONTINUES to dwell within me.


‘Who next?’ cries my hungry soul.  ‘Let it not be simply Lust the next time.  Find a love.  Find a NEW woman, not an old habit.  Find a love.’


In the name of my fathers, LORDS, what lies beyond my dreams of love and death?


I fancy Sarah from that far and famous Venusian Trio known as BANANARAMA! 

I’d love to make love to her.  Oh.  My lords, one day, please.


NEW ‘RING OF ROSES’ SONGS: ‘Beautiful Place’ and ‘Shallow Tide’ (formerly ‘Tide’).  ‘Shallow Tide’ is about our enemies, our detractors.  There are some leaching, horrible, conniving and shallow people in the world.  Their desire is either to be you or ‘kill’ you.





‘The Prisoner’ – Ron Grainer






The irony of this Crimson Life!  Say the word, loves, and I will fire a bolt of laughter at my Former Self.




I’ll tell you later.





‘Heaven and Hell’ – Cabaret Voltaire




Memories of two years back, culled from the old scrolls:


‘…after receiving info about [a gothic] gig from a nice young punkette called Mags, I decided to grovel a ticket from one of the bands, but they told me they’d sold out.  Which they said, laughing!  I bet they were lying!  Gits!  All of them.  Yes, Ash, Rod and Dan, all of whom I’ve ‘known’ and said hello to through Asda [Astra] and co.  Well, bollocks to all the ‘Goths’ mentioned in today’s entry.  Including Trellis!  Who needs bastards like you? 


My darling younger self, I need bastards like these.  As does Stan.


Tell all later.




‘Eyeless Sight (Live 1979)’ – Cabaret Voltaire


Following communications posted at Fourth Dimension (Wisbech’s record shop), regarding a bass player and a guitarist wanting to join up with a vocalist + a guitarist to form an ‘alternative’ band, I put my Stanfriend in the position of power and got him to contact what turned out to be Dan and Ash (two members of the old Wisbech Gothic school).  I suspected it was they.  I have known of these two ‘goths’ and seen them around for almost three years, but have never held a proper conversation with either of them (except for that fateful afternoon last summer!).  They can often be spotted in Wisbech on a Saturday, and were once associated with one I recall disliking: Rod Griffin (now an ex-Gothic crusader).  Dan was once almost emotionally involved with Hazel, and talks regularly with Astra. 


Stan spoke to them and we are to meet them at The Tower on the evening of the 6th at 8pm. He says they seem to be Joy Division fans, but currently have no musical direction and no plan.  This is perfect for Stan and I, because things will be on an equal footing and they welcome songs and ideas.


And to say I ‘hated’ them at one point in ’86!  I laugh!






‘The Grip Of Love’ – Ghost Dance


The Ring Of Roses grows.  The Meeting went well. 


My Stenfriend and I arrived at The Tower, where Ash bade us welcome.  Inside, we sat in what at first seemed a mildly harsh atmosphere.  But, chatting slowly, Dan and my Stenfriend began to gel. 


Ash and I sat silent.


Then, Dan and Ash demonstrated their prowess and skill.  And they were good.  They appealed to me and inspired me.  They put my heart up on the clouds.  They set my spirit free.  When I sang for them, I set my vocals up on wings in gratitude.  I pulled the sword from the stone and gave them my very best, because I need to abandon that Mortal Faction, oh-so badly.  My Stenfriend agreed.  Then we all began to work together.  I spoke really well with Ash, and it was good. 


But would the half moon become full?


Ash and Dan briefly left the room to talk.  When they returned, they agreed that they wanted to form a band with us.  The circle was completed.  As the evening went on, we all became even friendlier and the developing future grows ever brighter.  Eventually, Dan had to go and meet his other half, so Ash, Stan and I went for a drink in The Angel.


The Circle meets again in about fourteen days.  A new band, a new format, a new sound – and all of it good, with good people.  I am well pleased.



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Next time: ‘In with the Wisbech lot…’

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