The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 1 April 1988


‘Fourth Shot’ – Cabaret Voltaire


Hello.  My name’s WINTERFOOD.  Pleased to meet you.  For now.


I’m glad I’m NOT a Gothic Punk now.  Just an ex-Goth/Acid-Rocker, thanks.


1988 is great.  Love me and help me make it greater.  Let’s RISE!  LET’S ALL BE interesting, charming, witty, helpful and warm-hearted to those who are right.  LET’S GO ON AS WE’VE STARTED: doing something with our lives, as we are.  Let’s get out and about.  Let’s NOT vegetate in the home…


I am ‘attached’ to Justine Black, but love many, including ANITA, NAT, ALICE, and NAOMI.


I am the founding member of the HANNAH MUNDAY FAN CLUB and a founding member of the band SUGARBLOOD, now known as RING OF ROSES (but hopefully not for long, because that’s a crap name…)


BANDS:              Ghost Dance; The Lorries; The Nephilim; The Mission; The Sisters; Salvation; Rose Of  Avalanche; Led Zeppelin; Into A Circle; Iron Maiden; Scarlet Fantastic; Cabaret Voltaire and Bananarama.


RECORD:            Mix-Up LP by Cabaret Voltaire (1979)


PEOPLE:            Danyel ‘Flash’ Gordon; Astra Trellis; Simon Hinkler; Amanda Jones; Hazel Church; Justine Black; Naomi Bell; Simon Nightingale; Crackle; Rae; Danny Black; Danny from Salvation (and Rose McDowell – oh, and Sarah of Bananarama).  Oh, I also hang around with Stan.


I’M INTO:         Cult TV, including: The Prisoner; The Avengers: The Munsters; The New Avengers; Blake’s 7; Doctor Who; The Twilight Zone, and The Outer Limits.  But I also like Matlock, Sci-Fi, Time Travel, Sex, dope, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Witchcraft, Horror Films and Sherlock Holmes.






All my loves,


 ‘…be seeing you…’




‘Yesterday Again’ – Ghost Dance


The Sun has returned. 
It filled the skies today, and I felt good for it. 
Like an old friend, the spirit of Springtime returns to grace the Palace of Winterfood the Crimson King. 
It feels fresh and lovely.
The bells have tolled and the time is approaching. 
One year on and I feel the power of the Hare inside me. 
Beyond the voice of Anne Marie, beyond the acid wit of elder friends.
It is the fire of love for the physical spirit of Gordon I’m feeling. 
Flash, I mean. 
He’s always within me, whether he’s at Gordon or Ashton, here or there. 
I want to share so much with him; to be tied to his life. 
But less of that, for now…



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Next time: ‘Beautiful place…’

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