The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 2 March 1988

Void Indigo



‘Hocus Pocus’ – Focus




A nice black cowboy hat with a good ‘band’ round it

Longer hair

More beard

A good black shirt

A good black or tan waistcoat

A gun/bullet belt

To wear my tassel belt more

A long, thin black coat

Cowboy boots


A denim ‘rocker’ jacket


It’ll cost me tonnes.  SHIT!  SHIT!


Apparently, Nyall bitched me off last nite, saying Sugarblood was ‘full of stupid wankers’.  Hah!  We’d piss on him.  If he heard me sing live he’d want me as his vocalist.  That is very likely, anyhoy…


ACE NEWS!  Stan sold Nyall his old drum machine (with 4 drum sounds, 1 beat and, well, that’s about it).  So Stan bought us a new drum machine today (for £150), with 32 beats, 32 programme spaces and 24 drum sounds (hi-hats, cymbals, etc).  Naff you, Nyall!


I can’t wait till Friday.  Void Indigo (the name we’ve given the drum machine), I’m dying to see you…


‘In A Broken Dream’ – Python Lee Jackson


Today’s been a bit mundane.  A copy of X-Men, which was dull.  In fact, I got so bored at one point today that I actually borrowed Marco’s copy of The Beano, and one strip – Calamity James – was absolutely excellent!


Justine and I got together in The Walks, and she’s really confused.  I told her that we can carry on as we are and she mustn’t finish with Leighton because it’d be very insensible.  We’d never fully work as a proper couple again anyway.  OLD GROUND.  Sorry, folks.


I wrote to Pauline, telling her I understand, and we’re good mates again.  I think she’s off to write back.


Astra still grows e’en more fond of Danny.  And congrats to her; she passed her Driving Test today.  I swapped my new ‘cross’ with her for a macker, shapeless, nackered, chunky black jumper. 


Bye, folks.



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Next time: ‘Icy silence…’

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