The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 9 March 1988

Tower of Strength II



JUSTINE and I were very close today.  She wants to get together with me again.  She’s crazy about me.  I trust DANNY (who was with us much of the time) to keep a closed mouth.  He is my friend.



A lot of passion played out to a Diamanda Galas LP.  JUSTINE and JEZ, together.  Hmmm.


It’s only a matter of time before DANNY gets together with ASTRA TRELLIS.  I bet she can’t wait.


As for me, I’m a little orgasmic at the moment.




Here’s a clue: ‘You are a tower of strength to me…’


STAN rang tonite.  Very unexpected, too.  This is what he said: ‘ I’ve got some really great news, Jez.  Me and you.  We’re going on a journey to see some friends.  No.  It’s not Newcastle…’




Well, Stan went to BAYES’ RECORDIUM in King’s Lynn and asked about their trip to London and the ASTORIA to see THE MISSION.  So, then and there, he paid £16 each for me ‘n’ him to go down and see them on the 26th of this month, a Saturday. 


I can’t bloody wait.

There’ll be a party afterwards, or so Wayne Hussey led Stan to believe in Norwich.  Me ‘n’ Stan are going to try and get in.  A case of: ‘For God’s sake, Mr Bouncer, tell them Jez wants to get in; I sold Simon a belt in Norwich!’


!!!  I CAN’T EFFIN’ WAIT!!!!!!


BUT Stan: what a mate, eh?  Who else would do that for me?  Spend £16 on a ticket and transport.  WOW ME!!!  FOOK!!!  GOD!  WHAT A TOWER OF STRENGTH HE IS!  All I gotta do now is raise a train fayre home for Sunday 27th.  Should be no trouble…





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‘Deliver Me From Mine Enemies’ – Diamanda Galas


SUGARBLOOD Stars: 2 of 4



In 1983, Stan joined the band that would become THE FLORIDA SWAMP-SUCKERS and, later, THE JELLY BABIES, playing keyboards and providing backing vocals with fellow band members GARY DECAN (guitars and vocals), BELLA MURPHY (keyboards), JIM STOPPARD (guitars) and MARC BIGGS (drums). 


After 4 months (with only one gig: supporting BMX in Tilney St Lawrence), Stan left following personal differences with DAVE.  Incidentally, THE JELLY BABIES continue to gig (with only DAVE remaining from the original line-up, plus JIMMY BIGGS on guitars and BELLA MURPHY on drums).  According to Stan, they are ‘fucking ace’.


Around this time, Stan met JEZ DE CARLO, but close friendship was still some way off.  His next band was CONTRACEPTIVE, who took a light-hearted spin on ‘rock music’.  STAN (then performing as OSWALD FITZCHICKEN) played guitars and provided vocals.  He was joined by TOM GREEN (bass and vocals) and TEDDY DEAN (harmonica and keyboards).  This was Stan’s first major project, for which he wrote some 30 songs.  Soon, however, their musical direction changed and they became an acapella outfit known as FITZCHICKEN HOWL.  But when the other members perceived Stan’s ideas to be ‘a bit weird’ and they split up.


In late 1986, Stan spent a brief spell as bass guitarist with popular King’s Lynn band LIPSTICK VOGUE, who quickly disbanded after much in-fighting.  As an interesting aside, JEZ DE CARLO and NYALL WATSON’s early project THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT recorded their demo, ‘Alone’, on the VOGUE’s equipment, and were, at one point, scheduled to support them at Pimm’s Night Club in early 1987.


Stan then took a break from all groups in order to master the guitar.  In late 1987, he joined JEZ DE CARLO and MORBIUS KRAAL’s BLESSED ARE THE UNDEAD project and provided acoustic guitar on a cover of Jefferson Airplane’s ‘Come Up The Years’.


In October 1987, Stan met URSULA STAG and MATT CUTHBERTSON (bass guitarist) and joined a band that would become THE ANTOINETTES and eventually THE HAND.


THE HAND were troubled by a lack of direction, and when Stan invited JEZ DE CARLO to collaborate on some song-writing, Stan found himself leaving them to form SUGARBLOOD.




Full Name:                                          

Stan Lampwick



17/2/70 (in Oxford, Oxon.)


Previous Jobs:                                   

Insurance clerk.






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