The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 7 March 1988

The Divine Punishment

‘Something Always Happens’ – The Art Of Noise


‘Kicking out the black and bringing in the red…’


Hi.  I’m Jez, or Ritcherd.  Don’t mind which.  I’m 17 years old and I’m… well… I’m god-knows-what these days, but still getting branded as a gothic.  I don’t mind though.  I’m reaching new heights (depths?) of self-awareness these days.  I’m nice and charming to those I love and respect, but cold and cutting to those for whom I have no time.


My best mate is Danyel ‘Flash’ Gordon, and I haven’t seen him for ages, which is a bit sad, but there y’go…


OTHER MATES ARE: Stan Lampwick, Astra Trellis, Pauline Gold, Danny Black, Crackle & Rae from Newcastle, Matt Cuthbertson, William and – hopefully – Justine Black.  Oh, and Simon Hinkler (HAR-HAR-HAR-HAR-HAR!).


My favourite clothes are: my black wagon kegs, me frilly black shirt, my housecoat and my byker’s jacket.  But I think I want a denim jacket for a slightly more Motorhead-Goth look.


I’M INTO:           




Led Zeppelin
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Sisters Of Mercy
The Mission
Fields Of The Nephilim,
Robert Plant
Ghost Dance
Strawberry Switchblade
Sex Gang Children
and tonnes more…



The Divine Punishment LP by DIAMANDA GALAS.





‘Fabienne’ – The Mission


Justine and I have resolved our issues. 
Following a very tense discussion,
full of bitchiness and bad moods,
she finally revealed she was still unsure of my feelings for her.
She said she felt t
hat I’m doing ‘all this’ to get back at her. 
We bitched each other off for ages. 
Angrily I found myself cruelly saying,
‘Yeah.  I’m doing it all to see you suffer.’

Justine turned away, understandably close to tears.

After a long, long silence,
I said, truthfully,
‘No, Justine. 
I’m going through all this
because I still love you
and I really, really care about you.’

we embraced and
I felt immediately better
for telling her
that which I should have told her ages ago. 
We have come out of the darkness
all loving and nice, yet again. 
Things can only get better.


‘Wild Hearted Woman’ – All About Eve


RECORDS TO BUY (in no real order): Children by The Mission; Led Zeppelin 3 by Led Zeppelin; Now And Zen by Robert Plant; and The Divine Punishment by Diamanda Galas.


Why the last one?  Well, shit of all shates, we used some of the lyrics from the inner sleeve in Drama today.  We’re using them in our final production (C’est La Vie!), which we started work on today.  Last I saw of it, Jo Wedonska had it.  Forgetting it, I left.  When I finally remembered, I searched the Studio but there was no sign of it.  I only hope one of the girls picked it up.


‘Death Rides A Horse’ – Ennio Morricone


I have written letters for Flash and Naomi.


Berwin Groomstool burst in, chin jutting and eyes dark.  He speaks:


SHAte on




He speaks again:

SHAte on




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Next time: ‘Shock news…’

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