The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 27 March 1988

Love and Leeches

‘Warm’ – Cabaret Voltaire


Well, the day began in the KEITH MOON bar of the ASTORIA THEATRE, London, listening to HOUSE MUSIC.


It was certainly something to see Stan break-dancing along to the music.  A head-spinning Goth is something to see…


After long and funny chats with Crackle and Rae, I was sad when they had to go.  They offered to meet up with us again later on, where they’d get us tickets to get into the second gig, but I imagined we wouldn’t.  I hope they write again.


By 2am, it was obvious to us that it was no longer Saturday.  Stan and I had got quite friendly with one of the bouncers, who told us where we might accidentally stumble across a backstage door.  So we did, but were unfortunately stopped by a full-on SECURITY GUARD.


So we returned to the KEITH MOON, where Stan chatted to lots of girls (to try ‘n’ get us a place to stay) and I got talking to Danny from SALVATION.  He told me that THE MISSION were tired and had left. 


I sat with Danny and we drank and chatted.  He was drinking glasses of ‘everything’ – which meant various shorts in one glass – and it was very kind and sociable of him to buy me several of these, over the course of which we talked about the NORWICH gig.  We also chatted for ages about LEEDS ‘n’ stuff and he told me about the LEEDS Comic Relief gig Flash went to (which was covered in my BAD fanzine).  Danny was amazed that the thing actually got off the ground, as it was so badly organised.  He told me he doesn’t like Maria from BAD very much.  I told him about Flash and Amanda going to see THE MISSION and SALVATION and falling in THAT sick.  Danny had an equally gross tale to tell.  At the Comic Relief gig, he was gobbed on for the first time, which he was utterly repulsed by.  And it was near the mouth!  Poor bastard.  I hope I don’t get gobbed – especially like that.


Oh, Manda, he felt really sorry for you about the sick ‘n’ all that, so I asked him to do you an autograph (he also did one for me and Flash).


‘To Jez (RITCHERD), Love + Leaches, Danny, XXX’


Anyway, Danny was really nice and I’d very much like to see the SALVATION gig in Bradford on April 9th.  When he finally had to leave, he bought me another groovy glass of ‘everything’ and said goodnite.


‘First and Last and Always’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


By about 4am, I was asleep in the ASTORIA, whilst Stan got chatting to two Scottish Goths and their pretentious Essex mate.  He arranged that we’d all hang around together for the rest of the nite.  I think he was still harbouring thoughts of getting off with someone, but I didn’t care.  I just slept until the place shut.


When the ASTORIA closed, Lou (from Edinburgh), another Scot and the Essex Pretension and I dossed all o’er the West End (well, a bit of it), talking to anybody and everybody available.  The place was VERY alive.


In TRAFALGAR SQUARE (at the base of Lord Nelson), I fell out with the Essex Pretension (A VEGETARIAN WHO DIDN’T LIKE IT WHEN I PLACED MY BEEFBURGER WRAPPER ON HER PERM!  But then it was a stupid thing to do…).  In fact, they all bugged me, but we all caught a bus to VICTORIA TRAIN STATION.


By 5.30am, Stan and I had separated ourselves from the Three Musketeers and ended up trying to sleep at the top of main concourse escalators in VICTORIA STATION.  It was uncomfortable and it was freezing.


At 7am, I woke up, left Stan behind and went to sleep under a hot air vent outside a branch of FOSTER’S MENSWEAR.


‘Body and Soul’ – The Sisters Of Marcy


At 8am, I was awoken by a STATION SECURITY GUARD who moved me on.  I went to get Stan and we tubed it to LIVERPOOL STREET STATION, catching breakfast in a little Italian place.


At 9.30am, we concluded that we were going to decline Crackle + Rae’s offer of collecting tickets at 6pm from them (or backstage passes they hoped to collect from THE MISSION during the soundcheck), because we just didn’t want to spend a Sunday being bored.  So we got a train back to Stan’s village.


Back at Stan’s, we ate and slept awhile.  After which, I came home.



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