The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 1 March 1988

If It Wasn't For The Reason That I Love You


(at home)


‘The Web’ – Cabaret Voltaire


Me, with spiked-up goth hair and shards of hair across my eyes, downcast in a kind of Aladdin Sane tribute…


Today, Johnny Cook, this half-psychobilly who has lately been giving me some jip via Mary (who stirs shit like bastards with mice in!), started giving Hazel Church some also.  Again via Mary.  Angry that someone was having a go at Hazel, I went up to him and gave him some jip back.  But it turned out that anything he had said had been ages ago and had been perfectly innocent.  Mary had been stirring shit and lying again, using Johnny’s image to intimidate people.  Mary’s shit-stirring has been problematic recently, but it’s never really bothered me, or I’d have mentioned Johnny before now, I s’pose.  I’m not so sure now.  Anyway, I chatted to Johnny and learned that he too gets pissed off cos he gets a lot of jip for being a psychobilly.  I told him I get the same.  I don’t dislike him at all now, folks.  I don’t entirely trust him, though, but he raised his eyebrow at me today at ‘hometime’ and I acknowledged him back. 


I wonder if he’ll lend me any Kurt or ASF records?


‘Hurricane Fighter Plane’ – Alien Sex Fiend


I saw Pauline today.  Told her I’d write her a letter tomorrow.


Things are getting strenuous with both Pauline and Justine.


As for Justine, I gave her a letter declaring my innocence over the things Legs had told me.  This led to us going into town at 2pm.  She understood that we were going to talk about the whole thing, but I was personally prepared to let it pass and didn’t want to get into things that were now past.  Oh, she said she had come to the conclusion by herself that this relationship was my ‘revenge’.  When I refused to talk about it because I didn’t see the point, she got stroppy.  But I stood my ground, which is something she isn’t used to.  She normally says and does what she likes and I let her get away with it, but not this time.  This meant we ended up getting very edgy and bitchy with each other.  I took this even further, deliberately taking the stance that I was going to bug her in the most warped and pleasing ways.  I told her that I’d tell Leighton what happened.  She said that if I did, she’d tell him I raped her!  Actually, I’m covered in enough scratches and bites from last week to almost back that story up… 


But eventually, we both wised up and realised we should not be so shit to each other.  I even told her that all my feelings still seem to indicate to me that I love her.  She was pleased.  She still hasn’t ‘been to bed’ with Leighton since we made love.  So, for the rest of the afternoon we enjoyed each other’s company and felt good.


‘Peter Gunn (Extended)’ – The Art Of Noise & Duane Eddy


Apparently Nyall, who has heard that Sugarblood might be getting’ their first gig, was taking the piss out of me ‘n’ Stan, saying that we’re just dreaming, or so Roger says.  As Frank Bacon has completely flopped (after writing only 8 songs in 5 months – Fuck shit!), I sent his message back with Roger:  ‘To be in a band, Nyall, first of all you need members and a lot of hard work.’ 


When I saw Nyall later, I was very negative and nasty towards him, so we fell out.  It won’t bother him, though.  But then again, it’s not exactly bothering me.




Tatty black woolly jumper (Astra Trellis’s bringing me one tomorrow)

Black steel-toed Goth/Cowboy boots

Long, thin, black coat

Black shirt (tatty)

Long hair

Black hat

Big tan buckle belt

A denim jacket, rocker-style


‘New Orleans’ – Harley Quinne


Astra Trellis’s getting on really well with my loyal friend Danny, so she’s really pleased.


I’m still pursuing a new regime of self-awareness.


TRIANGLIA was good.  Stan was ace and I can’t wait till Friday. 


I think I want to do a real SCUM version of Miki Anthony’s ‘If It Wasn’t For The Reason That I Love You’.  Or Python Lee Jackson’s ‘In A Broken Dream’.


‘Hocus Pocus’ by Focus is ace.


Expressionistic mullet-heads with lazy eyes…


Chisel-jawed Ulysses types, all classical yet caricature…


Nemesis the eternally steam-snorting Warlock…


Pouty women in space suits…


Gothic female vampire types with long grey hair, swept back and still sexy…



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Next time: ‘Void Indigo…’

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