The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 18 March 1988

City Two



‘Run, Man, Run’ – Ennio Morricone


TODAY I went to Tech and Justine was strange, but we got on really well.


There’s a ‘HOUSE’ GIRL at Tech whom I … ‘admire’.  Hm.  I think I’ll leave that ‘un, kids.


Stan came in and we went to his place after my lessons.


Stan met up with Bleach from Mortal Death, and it seems that SUGARBLOOD are now:


JEZ – vocals

STAN – guitar


RABID – Drums


I bought the new Into A Circle 12-inch, ‘Evergreen’.


The journey to Castleford was long and on the way I slept.  But Stan often woke me up just to tell me completely useless items of crap that entered his mind and then spewed from his gob.  Or so it seemed to me, mid-slumber…


‘Free Among The Dead’ – Diamanda Galas


So.  Me ‘n’ Mr Stan arrived in SMOKEY CASTLEFORD in the early evening.  Flash wasn’t there, only Gerry.  So we sat and talked and drank coffee.  Stan ranted on about SUGARBLOOD, and I modestly quipped in now ‘n’ then. 


We sat and had jolly times, and mine and Stan’s TAROT readings went well (courtesy of Gerry).  Success appears to have been plated up for us!  I used Gerry’s Crowley deck.  And why not, eh?


My TAROT reading stated that I shall succeed in an upcoming project.  I shall reap what I sow, and gain public recognition for it.  I will go through a rebirth, and there will be a connexion with children soon.  All of these events will be part of a general ‘uplifting’ of my life, and all within 1988.  The future seems bright.


Mind you, Stan’s reading was fairly similar…


[The TAROT did in fact all come very true.  It said I would succeed greatly in a certain project; I would reap whatever I sowed; I would gain public recognition for my efforts; I would undergo a rebirth; I would find myself in a situation involving children very soon.  It was generally a late 1988 preview – Ritcherd, December 1988]


Then, as the rains came down, Stan and I walked from Ashton Street, up Queen’s Park hill – absolutely soaking – to visit my Gran + Granddad Winterfood at their place, which was okay.  They were more or less pleased to see me.  The usual ‘Ooh, get your hair cut’ and ‘Ooh, I wish you were normal again’, etc. 


BUT WHAT IS ‘NORMAL’?  Clothes maketh not the Man.  I am what I am.  What I was destined to be.  For now…  I have all my future in which to change, adapt and evolve, and I’m sure I shall, continually.  But for now, this is what and who I am.


‘Run To The Hills’ – Iron Maiden


My grandparents liked Stan, probably because he has a job, so I ignored all their moans and let it all rise over me.  Even so, Gran did make me have a moment of realisation about my future.  I do need to consider what course my life is to take.  I need to think, and I need to work a great deal over the next few months and the lead-up to my A-levels.  I should have, could have WORKED HARDER.  But I wasted my time.  Yet, I will try, to the greatest of my ability, to succeed in these examinations.  Life’s too good to waste.  Then again, we don’t all have A-levels…




Stan and I then returned to Ashton Street, with the aid of Granddad and his car.  There, we briefly visited my Dad and Annie, saying ‘hi’ and telling them all about the band, etc.  But we didn’t stay too long.  Thanx for the plastic shit, Dad!


Back at Flash’s – late – Flash had returned from the third performance of Grease at the college.  We all ate some tea and chatted vaguely about this ‘n’ that, whilst listening to ASF, SOM, NEPH and LED ZEP. 



ARMAGEDDON 1988     

(Ffuck off!)


‘Nobody’s Fault But Mine’ – Led Zeppelin


At Flayesh’s.  Spliffed.  Pissed.


Here we are:  Gerry, Flayhesh, Stan ‘n’ Jezzeh…








Stan writes:




Flayhesher writes:

Have you seen the island of Dr Maroo


Gerry writes:

Have a nice day!

Nasty or violent (Jez prefers it!)




Gerry writes:

I love Robert Plant.


Stan writes:

I think you mean Stan Flowers.


Back to me:



You Fucke!







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Next time: ‘Grease…’

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