The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 5 March 1988

Bumming Heck



‘My heart is fresh for you…’





I’m at STAN’s and it’s been snowing (when doesn’t it these days?).


THE THE are on the stereo with ‘Sweet Bird Of Truth’ (oh … as I drift back to Naomi and Norwich) and I’ve got a fucking stonker of a headache.  FUCK ME!  FUCK ME SILLY!


I’ve decided, just now, that as far as I’m concerned, The BTC is dead (i.e. farewell to The Situation).  On my part, anyhow.




‘Remember me in years gone by…’




‘Martha’s Harbour’ – All About Eve


We worked all day on Sugarblood songs, getting a little willied in the process.  Gigs are slowly beginning to look promising.  


Our repertoire:

‘Badlands’ (Bounty Hunters cleaning up the Wild West?  Perhaps…); ‘Beyond The Dream Of Jasmine’ (a deserted lover who is only being kept alive by his fear of suicide); ‘Come Up The Years’ (a man who wishes the girl he loves was older and more experienced); ‘Bleeding’ (the pain of love?  Maybe…); ‘Kiss Of Pand’ra’ (the destruction of a friendship by love, lust and desire); ‘If It Wasn’t For The Reason That I Love You’ (a deserted lover drowns his sorrows and loses his self-respect); ‘Sono L’Antichristo’ (our into track, based on the Diamanda Galas song, introducing Sugarblood as all that humanity fears and despises); ‘The Book Of The Law’ (the life and perversions of Aleister Crowley).  Stan has written two songs: ‘Knife’ and ‘Heaven Screams’, but I don’t think we’re going to take them any further.


Downtown and walking, headless,

Brother falls and Sister is born;

Years of love, and held close,

Hurt by Sister; ravaged and torn


Paycheck: 30 pieces of silver, for

Darker times (far from now);

The past of future days, where

Sister and Brother turn away.


Stalking downtown (valley gates),

Tearing the bad book (throw away),

Despising Brother and Brother’s ways,


Kiss of Pand’ra


Kiss of Pand’ra


Months of hate and tortured words,

Pills of power and slaughtered heads;

Waiting for Brother to return

As Sister falls and fails and dies.


Stalking High Street paving,

Watching pages float away,

Waiting for Brother, babe,


Kiss of Pand’ra!


Kiss of Pand’ra!



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Next time: ‘Crowds…’

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