The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 22 February 1988

Who Is Jez DeCarlo?



My Darling Flash,


At last.  Back on the hotline. 


So here we are.  Let’s keep it this way.


I think I’m a born-again ‘GOPH’.  I’m not sure.  Yesterday, I got into all the ‘old stuff’.  But I still maintain my fave time out of ‘GOPHIK’ was March ’86.  Remember that?  Crap, eh?








by Soft Cell? 


(You’d love it, honest!) 




So how ‘R’ ‘U’?  Eh?  Eh?  Eh?  Eh?


I’m listening to SOFT CELL at the moment.  They have just suggested that I might like to experiment with cocaine and LSD before going to meet Bo Derek!  I can’t elaborate too much on life.  It’d spoil any diary sesh we may have.  But I’m rate pissed off coz I didn’t come ‘n’ sithi.


How’s life then?  Eh?  Eh?  Eh?





DEAD DEAD present:




‘The Dead Dead’ ● ‘Hitting That Low’ ● ‘The Continuing Story Of Li’l’ Miss Joe’ ● ‘Bleeding’ ● ‘Phase’ ● ‘The Broken Man’ ● ‘The Dead Dead (Long Version) ● ‘Hitting That Low (Before The War)’ ● ‘Purple (She Buries Me)’ ● ‘Uncle Arthur’ ● ‘Night I Left’ ● ‘Dead The Dead Dead (Never Say Never Again)’ ● ‘Broken (Synthesised)’



‘Alone’ ● Blessed Are The Undead: ‘Blessed Are The Undead’ ● ‘Come Up The Years’



A bit more later…


SUGARBLOOD Stars: 1 of 4



Jez has been writing songs since early 1985, when he met his fabled best friend MORBIUS (Danyel ‘Flash’ Gordon) who revolutionised his song-writing ideas.  In August 1986, he and MORBIUS began working on a musical project/band called THE DEAD DEAD; the two of them providing vocals, guitar, piano and effects.  Some live demos were recorded, but the project drifted in early ’87 and didn’t really work out.  During this brief association, Jez was invited to become lead singer in Gary Decan's band BERTIE BASSETT AND THE JELLY BABIES FROM HELL, but was unable to accept due to other commitments.


In February ’87, Jez joined NYALL and ROGER WATSON in a collaborative project as THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT, creating a studio demo of a song called ‘Alone’.  Other songs, including a version of Lou Reed’s ‘Walk On The Wild Side’, were in development, but the project soon came to a close.


In mid ’87, STAN VINCENZO approached Jez about the possibility of joining forces, but at this stage Jez declined.  However, in August of that year, STAN, JEZ and MORBIUS collaborated on a number of demos (including a version of Jefferson Airplane’s ‘Come Up The Years’) under the name BLESSED ARE THE UNDEAD.


In Autumn ’87, Jez joined NYALL WATSON’s new band GWANGI, agreeing to learn to play bass guitar.  At this time, STAN’s band, THE ANTOINETTES were undergoing an internal schism.  Consequently, half the band asked Jez to take them into the future and the other half asked NYALL to take them into the future.  NYALL and Jez split amicably, taking their new bands with them, but this quickly proved untenable and Jez and NYALL once again became GWANGI, recruiting SMITH as guitarist.  Two songs were developed (‘Jane’ and a version of The Stooges’ ‘1969’) before Jez decided to leave.  GWANGI subsequently became FRANK BACON, offering Jez control of the band’s publicity and a hand in demo production.


By 1988, the reformed ANTOINETTES had become THE HAND.  Things were still quite unsettled, with STAN and guitarist MATT CUTHBERTSON planning to leave and possibly develop something new.


One fateful weekend, STAN invited Jez to work on some new material with him.  Jez agreed and a song, ‘Badlands’, was written and composed by the two.  Inspired, STAN left THE HAND and asked Jez to be the singer-songwriter in a new project.  Jez agreed and SUGARBLOOD was born.  One week later, ex-ANTOINETTES drummer, URSULA STAG, was on board, and NICKI BICKERDIKE was briefly considered as bass guitarist; a role that finally went to THE HAND’s (now ex-) bassist, MATT CUTHBERTSON.


With work underway on a version of Westworld’s ‘Sonic Boom Boy’ and two new songs, THE DREAM HAS BEGUN…




Full Name:                                          

Ritcherd Jon Winterfood



11/6/70 (in Wakefield, West Yorks.)


Earliest Memories:                                             

The BeatlesYellow Submarine LP and Marc Bolan


First Crush:                                        

A girl called Mandy Wellington.  I used to take her inbetween the garages and we’d compare ‘bits’.    

What a laugh. 

She was five and I was six.


First Concert:                                     

The Mission (supported by Rose Of Avalanche) in Peterborough.  I still like ‘em both. 

Sometimes.  I go through phases.


Previous Jobs:                                   

Washing up in pubs and cafes.  Heavy labour in a lorry yard.  Ooh!  Ace!



Sex, drink, writing, comics, spiders, panty-bubbling.


Do You Talk To Yourself:              

Yes, a lot.  And why not?


First Record:                                      

Ooh.  ‘Ant Music’ by Adam And The Ants, I think. 

The first one I actually went out and bought myself was ‘Close (To The Edit)’ by Art Of Noise.



A shack in the middle of a rural nowhere.


Fave Places:                                       

Leeds, Castleford, Norwich, Rimini, Majorca.



To see this Sugarblood business get somewhere.






‘Youth’ – Soft Cell


A long-haired guy with big sideburns, smirking…


Neighbours is on.  On the video.  Good programme, that.


A gaunt David Bowie type with a quiffed-up mullet, in shirt and jumper, beckons us over…


Well, last night, sleep finally ensued…


A woman with a hideous Phantom Of The Opera style nose, gritting her teeth and watching the skies…


Today, I got into Tech and, after about a million years, completed my exam forms.


Mr Spock, there, disappearing off to the side as his face appears to split right down the green bloody middle…


I talked again to Astra Trellis about Pauline and Justine.  Y’see I got E’EN MORE CONFUSED about Justine today: ‘What do I feel?’


The way Astra saw it, it may just have been the idea of SEX that drew Justine and I together this time around.  I’m sure it probably was.  I think we’ve always felt a strong ‘lust’ for one another.  But Astra suggested that if it isn’t going to be possible to get into a REAL relationship again, then why don’t I get out?


An angular faced man with a balding, combed-over mullet shows of his blood-covered fingers, too stubby by half…


What do I need from a relationship? 


I need, at most times, to have a female companion who holds up her end of the partnership, the image (I need someone to go around with me, creating a solid and enigmatic unit), and, most importantly, the romance.  I need my romances to develop slowly.  I need flirtation, chase and discovery before we are brought together sexually.  That’s what went wrong with Justine and me to some extent.  We’ve had no real time together since last year.  We’ve not ‘been on a date’ or whatever, for ages.  In effect, we planned to have sex staright off from the word go, this time.  Our aim was to go and have sex.  Yes, it was my aim, true.  Because I desired her so insatiably.  Sometimes, just lately, all I could think about was tasting her, penetrating her, drowning in her.  But we had no lead-up, no… no relationship to sail us there.


‘Tom Baker’ – The Human League



She seems like the ideal candidate for a real romance, because I feel so much for her as a friend.  I mean, I don’t know her as well as I would like, and I can’t say I LOVE her.  In fact, much of me is unsure about Pauline, but I AM very interested.  As Astra suggested, I would like to get into a few ‘close’ situations with her.  She intrigues me, too.  When I’m near her, I feel suddenly both ‘sensible’ and ‘gooey all over’.  I become mature and wise in her presence.  I lose myself in her and I really want to take her in my arms and embrace her.  


That’s what I NEED: emotional and spiritual closeness: a kind of ‘pure’ love.  To be totally loved and to totally love: oneness in two beings.  Respectful love.  I am an adult, not a child.


Why is Pauline so nice?  And where’s she been since Wednesday?  I wish she’d come back to Tech soon.


PAULINE INFO:  She was born in August 1970, almost immediately put up for adoption, and, indeed, adopted.  She can be moody and is confused about life, being unsure of what she wants from it.  She thinks a lot of me, apparently…


Actually, I heard the most beautiful thing from Astra today.  Apparently, Pauline spent 45 minutes sitting on the cold floor of her shower, just wondering what she could do about me.  I was amazed.  Flattered.  I go all weird thinking about that.  Pauline sitting in the shower, agonising over me.  Apparently she gets all gooey when Astra tells her things I’ve said about her.  So do I when Astra tells me stuff Pauline’s said about me.  And it’s not necessarily the content of what’s said (although the shower story is stunning), it’s just the fact that she even talks about me.  Astra reckons we probably thrive on it.


Pauline + I have got so agonised about where a relationship with one another will go.  We just aren’t sure…


Astra recommends that I get some time alone with Pauline.  I wish I could.  I feel so close to her.  I will try.


‘E=MC2’ – Big Audio Dynamite


JUSTINE had a big argument with Leighton at the weekend.  I saw her this afternoon to speak to for the first time since Thursday morning.  She was scared I wouldn’t talk.  She said she was okay, but Leighton had been angry about her being at the same party as me and got really suspicious, especially when she (obviously as knackered as I was) fell asleep on him on Thursday evening.  They had argued on Friday, and his moaning resulted in her hitting him round the face, so he went home.  She is to ring him tonite.  Meanwhile, she and I both agreed that tomorrow we have a lot of talking to do.




Life’s good.




Dear Lord,

Guide me in your light tomorrow.  Make me a worthy being. 




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Next time: ‘A million girls…’

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