The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 7 February 1988

Ursula Obsession

‘The Sequel’ – Fields of the Nephilim


Today, Stan and I worked on a version of Westworld’s ‘Sonic Boom Boy’ and a song Flash wrote called ‘Bleeding’.  Then we rang Ursula Stag


‘Who is Ursula?’ you all ask.


I first met Ursula in the Wenns, ages ago, and she was in The Antoinettes, remember?


Anyway, we rang + asked her to join Sugarblood as the drummer.  She accepted. 




And then I talked with her generally for about half an hour after that.


DEVELOPMENTS: The band intend moving to Leeds and getting a flat together.  I definitely want to go to Leeds.  So does Ursula.  So we may all be living together in Leeds, soon, and setting up some kind of base for a ‘gig network’.


Sugarblood are going to be massive! 


It’s a real inspiration.


I feel so good, so big, about Sugarblood.  I’m in a band and it’s real.  My songs, my lyrics (my ideas, my images) and Stan’s brilliant music.  I’ve never felt so serious about anything creative before.  And the idea of Stan, Ursula, me + whoever else getting a flat together + hopefully going to Leeds Poly in Sept ’89  It’s life!  Now all we’ve got to do is live this year out, boosting this band to the greatest heights we can find.  THIS IS THE THING!



Next Saturday, Ursula and I may go to The Mission.  If not, we’ll go for a drink + got to Nicki’s party afterwards.  I like Ursula and she likes me.  She’s very keen about living with me, too.  I want to be very close to Ursula.  Actually, I am obsessed with the idea of her right now.  Well, I can hope.



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Next time: ‘Pauline Fixation…’

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