The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 14 February 1988

Valentine's Day 1988

‘Valentine’ – T’Pau


Off, off, off in a Mish haze of disbelief, ‘n’ back to STAN’S where we hoped to get Ursula round for a REHEARSAL.  Alas, she couldn’t make it.


I have decided, after much deep thought, that it’d be best not to hassle the two Gordon’s with Ursula’s presence, so I asked her if it would be okay if she didn’t come up with me this time around.  She seemed disappointed, but understood.


I RANG FLASH, to see if I could stay.  And all things point in a SHATE direction.  He asked his mum, who said ‘Only one night’, as it hassles her when I stay.  Why?  Do I get in the way?  Surely she doesn’t have to go out of her way for me, does she?


‘It’s nothing personal,’ says Flash.

‘Oh no?’ says I.


And nearly every sentence he said to me was this stiff, unemotional ‘Oh well, I’ll look forward to seeing you, then’, all formal and not felt, as if he was trying to get rid of me.  All the time.


By now I’m much less enthusiastic about the visit.  I feel unwelcome.  Especially as he’s told me to bring back all the stuff he’s ever lent me.


Well timed, Flash.  Thanx a bunch!  Of shit.


Things seemed so strained and he really unnerved me.





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