The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 9 February 1988

Tower Of Strength



‘Tower Of Strength’ – The Mission


Jez is my name.


This Mission single grows on me more and more.  I’ve already played it four times since I got it (today).  Don’t be surprised if it does really well in my book…



Today, Mary (who suspects me ‘n’ Justine a lot) finished with Stan.  He was pretty glad.


Justine was pleased to hear that she ‘n’ I can have Russ’s room to ourselves after Stan’s party.  But she refused to join Sugarblood as a vocalist.  So throw away the March Violets plans, boys!  Back to The Lorries!


I might like to change the name of Sugarblood to Void Indigo (after the comic book)



Pauline and I were talking about food and I said I’d like to cook her a meal.  So she invited me down to her house, suggesting one day during the weekend after next.  But I doubt if that’ll be possible now.  I really wanted to, but I have a rare opportunity to get a lift Up North from Giles Bacon.  Actually, I want Ursula to come with me, because Giles being an undertaker, we’re going up in a black limousine.  HACE!!!


Jez rather likes Ursula.  A lot.


‘Pump Up The Volume’ – MARRS


PLANS: (Busy February)



Sugarblood (i.e.Jez ‘n’ Stan) rehearsal at Stan’s.



NORWICH with Stan and Ursula.  Either MISSION gig or pub, followed by NICKI’s party.



VALENTINE’S DAY.  Sugarblood (i.e. Jez, Stan + Ursula) rehearsal at Stan’s.



Stan’s 18th party.  Stay at Stan’s with Justine.


19th – 21st:            

Go to YORKSHIRE, hopefully with Ursula (otherwise alone). 

If this trip is cancelled, I’ll go to Pauline’s, cook her a meal ‘n’ stay overnite.


Life’s good, kids.


And I’m definitely growing a ‘goatee’/devil’s beard + long sideburns.




Send VC’s to Justine and Ursula…


Baby Chip crawled for the 1st time today.



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Next time: ‘Crowley…’

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