The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 6 February 1988

Norwich With Stan

‘Reanimator’ – Fields of the Nephilim


How did Sugarblood’s mission go?


I’ll tell you…



Today, me ‘n’ Stan got into Norwich with our ghetto blaster and met up with Mucky Mary.  Oooh, what fun!  She left after about 2 hours of showing us how crap she is.  We also saw NICKI (one o’ my old gurlfreunds) and Nyall ‘n’ Anastasia.


The Bell was immensely shit as it seems all ‘unconventionals’ have been barred from there.  What a Shit Fascist pub!  So the new haunt seems to be The Festival House, where we saw Nicki again.  Stan decided he fancied her, so during a long discussion, he told her that if he lent her a guitare and she learnt to play, she could join Sugarblood.  She said ‘yes’ to the offer, and then invited us – and any mates – to a Dope/Booze Party next Saturday after The Mission gig.  I must admit, I wasn’t really keen on going to The Mission gig, but rumour has it that the Lorries may be supporting.  That’d be excellent, but I dunno if I’ll go.


SAW NAOMI briefly and we bitched each other off.


‘Walking On Your Hands’ – Red Lorry Yellow Lorry


We caught the 794 bus home.  For half of the journey, we chatted to two young teeny-‘goths’ called Willock and Pete, who are friends of Leighton.  They were with Willock’s ‘goth’ gurlfreund, Kat Hill, who didn’t say much.  She just sat looking gloomy, pissy + angry with Willock.  I only really talked to Willock cos I fancied Becky.  When they’d gone, Stan and I realised we were both dying for a wee.  With over an hour to go before we got back, we decided to wee in our empty beer cans – two each! – which went well until we went over a bump and they spilled all over the floor…


UGH!  SKÖGGA!  But I was desperate…




And so, we’re back at Stan’s…


We have got closer as friends since TRIANGLIA.  He seems to have changed, losing his attitude and opening up to me.



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Next time: ‘Ursula Obsession…’

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