The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 21 February 1988

Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret




I hope all’s well with Justine right now.


I ask myself, ‘Would I let it all happen again?’


Right now? 


I’d say ‘yes’, because I know how incredible it was…


But, then again, if I had a chance to travel back and prevent last Wednesday, I would.  Then I’d be able to avoid these mixed-up feelings.  If we could have done it as a ‘real couple’ (which I’m not sure I want us to be now), then I would leave it as it was.


Odd.  I love sex.  I really do.  But I always enjoy relationships the most right up until that final second before intercourse.  After that it’s all downhill.  Why is that?


Who cares? 


Sod it, Ritcherd.


‘Killer K’ – Sex Gang Children


I think it just boils down to the fact that Justine and I had a wonderful time, but in the wrong circumstances.  The Leighton situation is really in my way, I must admit.  I no longer like feeling like I’m second best – when I’m clearly, quite frankly, not.


My feelings flit constantly from Justine to Pauline.


I hope I’m still in Pauline’s league.  I’d love to ‘romance’ her.


No doubt Justine will win.





‘I’m Still Waiting’ – Diana Ross


An Attempt At Making Sundays Interesting:

FWEELEH!  Poo stoncka!





‘I Walk The Earth’ – Voice Of The Beehive


This afternoon, Stan rang and invited me o’er.  So here I am. 


I’m writing this entry on a loose bit o’ paper, but I can’t be arsed.




‘Seedy Films’ – Soft Cell


Here I go again.


Today, I got thinking heavily, which is what I think Betty was hoping would happen.  She got me thinking about my A-levels (I’ve got to work hard!) and about next year, when I’ll be off – out of education – which, with my luck will turn out to be more than a year.  Forever more like.


I just pray that this SUGARBLOOD thing will get somewhere…


Tonite, Stan had just returned from Northamptonshire (or somewhere) where he’d been at a weekend wedding. 


MATT CUTHBERTSON agreed to join the ranks of Sugarblood on guitars. 


Stan and I strummed around a bit – both complete ‘GOPHS’ – and then we listened to tonnes of SOFT CELL and ALIEN SEX FIEND and watched THE SISTERS Albert Hall video.  ‘GOTHIC’ REBIRTH.  I THINK.


I feel overcome with a sleazy sense of desire now.  I crave sex and I’m feeling very glad and very pleased about what Justine and I did on Wednesday nite.







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Next time: ‘Life Burst…’

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