The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 10 February 1988

Aleister Crowley



‘Let Her Go (Kitchen Synch Mix)’ – Strawberry Switchblade


Hello, folks!  It’s me the Jez/Ritcherd hybrid.  Oh, I’ve heard a lot about me!!!


Bastard of all gits!  Justine’s now saying she can’t go to Stan’s party. 



Alas ‘n’ alack I have become – and I’m sure you’ve noticed this – a little disinterested by mine ‘n’ Justine’s so-called relationship.  I think I hoped that spending some time with me and having a bit of excitement might convince her that the thing with Leighton was just a lie, but they’re still together and now she’s not going to the party I’m getting nothing out of it except itchy feet…


So, what do you say to that, those of you that know (Pauline, Astra, Stan ‘n’ Morbius)?  What do you say to that, then, eh? 


We’ll have to see, but I suppose if I did find a new gurlfreund I’d have to finish it all.  Justine might want to cheat on Leighton, but I can’t imagine myself starting a new relationship with Justine in the background.  No matter how horrible and two-faced I seem. 


So.  If Justine’s not going, I still intend to have a good time. 




I really hope I ‘get off’ with Ursula.


‘The Jack That House Built’ – Jack ‘n’ Chill


Once more, I spent a lot of time with Pauline today.  And Astra Trellis, too.



As for Pauline, well…  Astra tells me that she’s in a bit of a panic about me.  She’s noticed my interest in her; asking Astra if she thinks I ‘fancy’ her or not.  Astra, quite rightly, told her I obviously have some interest in her, but she’s not sure what kind of interest.  So Pauline is, apparently, in a quandary as to how she approaches me…










Well… I suppose, subconsciously, I’ve been ‘checking her out’ (for want of a less tacky phrase).  Other than that.  I don’t know.  I thought we were just friends.  Now I’m actually thinking about it, I’ll admit that I find her extremely attractive, yes.  I just don’t know how similar we are as people.  I think I’d love to ‘get off’ with her, but I don’t know about a relationship, and the reason I won’t try and ‘get off’ with her is because I think she’s wonderful.  I really like her, and I have no intention of hurting her, because she’s a lovely friend to have.  I dunno…


URSULA is, at the moment, my priority.


‘Lady Marian’ – Clannad


1988 is ace.  Happy.  And taking a few turns for the better in matters of emotion.


I’ve also found out some stuff about ALEISTER CROWLEY (!!!), my Celebrity of the Moment.  He has become a very important figure in my life.  Strange man, but very interesting.  I am thinking of writing a song about him.  I’ll have to borrow The Book Of The Law from Gerry Gordon.


Nemesis the Warlock…


Get watched by Tracey ‘n’ Blondie a lot.  It’s buggin’ me.




THE MISSION are great!





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Next time: ‘The Jack That House Built…’

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