The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 4 January 1988

Mr Goodgirl



‘Silent Hedges’ – Bauhaus


So.  The year starts off vaguely dull for me.  In some ways a bit ‘dodgy’.  Let me have time to think for a bit.






‘Possession’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


I’ve been thinking.


Tech is the usual rubbish.  I’m so bored of education now.  I can’t believe it.  But we’ve got a new Drama Tutor called Mr Goodgirl (!), so things may be interesting.  Who can tell?


ME: backcombed hair; bikers jacket; tree of life necklace; black t-shirt; brown leather belt; black tassel belt; black gloves; ‘Hieronymous’ ring; tight, black canvas jeans; skull boots; bootchain.


I got on with everybody today.  And Justine and I were especially nice to each other.  I didn’t talk to Mary much, but she and Danny are finished.  Graham has definitely finished college, too.  As for Amelia, Lush and co., I tried to talk to them but they didn’t seem very interested so I left them to it.


‘Amphetamine Logic’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


Simon the Nightingale came in today, and wonder of all wonders, he is to change his image!  He’s cutting his hair off, buying some stonewash jeans and some Nikes.


‘Why is this?’ we all cry.


Because in March, he’s off to stay with ‘relations’ in Sydney, Australia.  Oz.  For six months.  He wants to find a better job under a hotter sun.  I hope he does well.  And I hope I can aspire to get on with my Tech work, too. 


Well done, Simon.  You’ll be missed.


I have started a letter to Flash.


That’s that.  11.59pm.  Goodnite.


‘Have I done in life all that I ever wanted to do?’

Ritcherd J Winterfood, Jan ‘88



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Next time: ‘More About Larry Goodgirl…’

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