The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 5 January 1988

More About Larry Goodgirl

‘Open Your Heart’ – Human League


I was incredibly happy today, allowing myself to smile a lot and just be ordinary me. 


Nyall came into Tech, visiting.  We spoke about moving to Leeds, and it looks as though he and I may well attempt that before the year is out.  I’d love to, but something at the back of my mind is saying such a thing will not happen – and that my future is going to be irrevocably pathetic and feeble. 


I pray to God that He will guide me through the year ahead to planes of success so that as well as enjoying myself, I may hope to help others.


In Theatre Studies, our new teacher – Larry Goodgirl – explained that on top of all our course work he has a determinedly special plan for the drama groups.  He would like NORCAT Drama to become recognised nationally and in the public eye.


‘Sound Of The Crowd’ – Human League


Larry wishes us to create a production of Stephen King’s Carrie as a Grease-style musical.  This will tour to other colleges and possibly theatres.  It will also be performed, he hopes, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August of this year.  He has inspired my confidence in NORCAT Drama and my place within it.  I await further developments with excited anticipation.


As for Justine and me, we got on very well once again.  She wants me to write to her.  She also shared her Cheesy Wotsits with me.  How very Adrian Mole!  I thought it was very sweet of her, anyway.


I’m quite happy most of the time, but Justine’s lasting relationship with Leighton is pissing me off. 


She’s been telling me of her ‘problems’ with Leighton.  The irritating little things.  She says he’s a whingeing, moaning kind of guy.  Always worrying when she goes out by herself.  Always telling her he loves her, and planning their future, but she’s just not ready for that stuff yet.  In some ways, she’s happy where she is.  And then, in other ways, she’s not.  But she states she couldn’t really get away from him if she tried.  She also claimed that when the bells of 1988 chimed, she and Leighton were in the middle of an argument.  Sad.



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