The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 29 January 1988

Goth Corner

‘Wonderful Life’ – Black


A man with a gleaming, square-shaped metal head…


Here goes…


It rained awfully today.


It’s strange at Tech.  ‘Everyone’ (well, the ‘Goths’, who are all really chiddish) are ganging up and beginning to dislike Mad Ruth, Mary ‘n’ Lisa, cos they’ve started sitting in ‘our’ part of the Common Room (‘Goth Corner’ the trendies call it, quite amusingly), being ‘Goths’, which they’ve only really been since Christmas.  But I feel sympathy for them, cos that was me in 1986.  Can’t we welcome new people aboard?  Is this ‘alternative’ thing ours and ours alone?  I know that when I’m feeling bitchy I call people names like ‘top-goths’ or whatever, but these are just cheap shots at people who I either don’t like or are pissing me off at that time.  These comments tell you more about me than anyone else, if I’m honest.  We should be more tolerant.  Remember last year, when Kevin Wood, Luggage and Solomon Brown came over to the Dark Side?  Roger and I really encouraged them.  I used to do their hair for them and their make up, it was great.  It’s like we were the X-Men and they were the New Mutants.  Mind you, I don’t really talk to the new batch much.  I used to talk to Mary, obviously, but that’s not so easy now.  And I really don’t want to ‘encourage’ her too much.  Maybe they’re all just really horrible.  What do I know?  Well, I know that Mad Ruth is odd.  Oh, and Mary, in her jealousy (MARY ‘FANCIES’ ME STILL), has spread rumours that I’m having a relationship with our very attractive mutual friend Pauline Gold (who I know through Astra Trellis).  So most people in the Common Room now think we both at least ‘fancy’ each other.  Pauline and I had to laugh.


FACT: Pauline was the foster-child of my old headmaster at Wetlands.




‘Sun and Steel’ – Iron Maiden



I sat a lot with Astra Trellis.  I had to talk to her.  I needed to discuss my lack of faith in my ‘image’ and how I need to change and modify myself.  She’s been feeling the same.  We talked for absolutely hages.  About all sorts: past, present and future.  And Hazel, it seems, is finally in reach of going out with Jon Berry, a boy for whom she confessed her delight to me when we cleaned up the caravan in ’86.  Old beautiful days.  For Astra and I, this long chat felt like we were experiencing the old times.  We’re so close, so instinctively close.  I think I actually Need Astra Trellis as a sister-figure.



Later, I sat with Justine and we chatted in code form.  It seems that Suz already suspects that Sonia and I are up to something.  Which is bad, cos when Suz got off with someone behind Roger’s back we called her a cow.  Suz could now turn the tables by telling Leighton.  But justine wants this ‘affair’ to carry on until I leave Tech.  She feels a lot of guilt, but her motto is ‘You’re only young once!’  Something her parents would disagree with.  They’d be well angry if they found out about this.  But she really wants to complete our unfulfilled dream: sex together.  She is no longer a virgin, so this is a good thing.


I will send her a Valentine’s Card and we MUST find a way for us to get together to make love.  We kissed a lot in secret today, and it’s all getting very cloak ‘n’ dagger.  People may begin to suspect…


Only one person knows of our ‘affair’, because I later told her in another very ‘close’ chat.  Astra Trellis, my ‘sister’.  Astra’s been ace anyhow.  She has become such a pillar of support to me.  And Nyall’s been ace, too (thanks for the Pot Noodle). 







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Next time: ‘Wisbech…’

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