The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 2 January 1989


‘I Get Weak’ – Belinda Carlisle


Flash and I…  We’re so fortunate to know each other.  1989 will be the better of 1988, and our friendship will grow and grow.  We’ll live in history!  We are great together.  We really are.  We’ve really found out how we fit together now, I think.  I think we all did while we were in Cirencester: me, Flash, Donna, Jonny and Kat.  That’s why it was so sad to leave today.


We readied ourselves to depart with a somewhat muted vigour.  Donna drove us to the bus stop, where we tried to wait patiently.  Donna told us she had written individual letters for us all to read once we were home – alas, she’d forgotten to put them in her bag.  Sinead came to say goodbye also and, as always, I felt shy and embarrassed in her presence; lusty but inadequate.  I hardly spoke, standing there shaking and shifting from heel to heel.


Then the bus arrived.


Kat said goodbye to Sinead and hugged Donna.  Jonny hugged Donna and said goodbye to Sinead.  Flash hugged Donna and shook hands with Sinead.  I hugged Donna, longingly, then – following Flash’s example, I went to shake hands with Sinead.  My world became a beautiful haven as Sinead took me and held me in an amazing embrace.  She truly is magnificent.


So are they all.


‘Experiment IV’ – Kate Bush


Flash and I talked to London, where we ate pizza and looked at the escalator where I had slept in 1988 after the Astoria.  We then slept to Peterborough where, finally, we had to say our farewells as he crossed to the train station, departing for Doncaster.  We remaining three then waited what felt like an ice-cold eternity, somewhat reminiscent of last New Year’s Eve, for Jonny’s parents to pick us up.  Many thanks to them for driving us all to our respective homes.  Lovely people.


Oh god.  I miss Flash.  I miss that man.  He’s my next segment and I am his.  We’re like a two-piece jigsaw.


It was sad and empty to return home to Wisbech St Mary.  Alone.  Without those friends and that house I had so come to cherish.  Blackberry Narrow was empty, but as my parents returned from London, I found myself overjoyed to see them and my beautiful Chip.  They had also brought me several presents, which was a nice surprise: a Marilyn Monroe book, a shirt, a smiley-face wristwatch, and a new scarf – all of which I am extremely grateful for.



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