The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 26 January 1988

Back To The Soap Opera...



‘Sense Of Doubt’ – David Bowie


I’m in bed and, well, I haven’t got much time to recap on my weekend at the moment, but I probably shall do in the near future; along with a history of my friendship with MAKE-UP.  Yet, I’ve got to say I’m pissed off about my crimpers!  I left them at Flash’s.  So I’ll have to have them posted down.  Very soon.  I’m lost without them, cos my hair, being so thick and woolly, falls into a naturally crap style.  YEEURGH!!!  YECHFEH!


TRIANGLIA tomorrow – ESS!


I off to sleep nar, with Mike Oldfield on, I think…




Dear Lord,

Help us live in the midst of beauty tomorrow; let something I will enjoy happen to me; help others.  Amen.





‘We Are The Lust’ – Death In June










‘Stutter Rap’ – Morris Minor & The Majors


Berwin Groomstool, sporting trademarked pork pie hat, totters his deceptive bulk along on spindly, winkle-pickered legs, all the while drooling and rubbing his spiky talons in gleeful anticipation…


hello… hello… hello…


At last, I’m back in Tech.  Is that good or bad, we cry?  Who can tell?  But I feel quite generally good at the moment.


So.  Back to the Soap Opera…


I had no hair spray and no crimp in my hair, but with a little surgery with soap and a hand dryer, I created an absolutely Jonathan hairstyle.  Good on me for my creative talents.


I spoke a little to Justine and Roger and Suz and Danny.  Then Simone and I had an absolutely Rudolf conversation about MARVEL COMIX.  Simone is addicted and is also interested in mine ‘n’ Flash’s BTC/SITUATION stuff…




Sadly, Mary really fancies me.  Obsessively.  What can I say?  She’s really ‘gothing’ now, but…  She not for me.  Just as Astra Trellis pointed out: if I’d really fancied her, she’d have known about it straight away.


And talking of Astra Trellis, she’s off to shave my hair off for me ‘n’ probably dye it (he’s ‘oping!).  And she’s having her hair like Aladdin Sane!


‘Hey!  Hey!  Hazel Church + Astra Trellis got pissed a bit back and I was mentioned – mainly due to me ‘n’ Hazel spending time together in March 1986  Yo-Ho-Ho!’  Ritcherd ’88.


Berwin Groomstool, sporting trademarked pork pie hat, struts aggressively in his somewhat slimming ladies’battle armour (complete with breast cones) and Cuban heeled boots.  He holds his ridiculously long penis between his fingers, like a delicate Frenchman holding a cigarette.  He bats no eyelid at the five strings of ectoplasmic goo that emerge from the pouting member, and rise like helium to the sky…


‘I Can’t Help It’ – Bananarama


Glenda, Mary’s mate, is nice.  Luggage’s a bloke and so is Legs (so lend me your X-Men mags, y’git!).


On the college bus, I spoke to Tara (Dave from school’s sister) about the Marvel comix I know her brother collected back in school.  She says she’s going to tell him he has to give me them all.  Ace.


JABBA ABBOTT has got a girlfriend.  So I hear, anyway.


A lithe, bipedal lizard man with fine, fine triangular spinal plates snorts happy dragon-smoke and grins his sharp-toothed, beaky mouth as he bounces along on shoes made of springs, his tiny willy spurting and heralding his glee…



Exam results seem mediocre so far.  Nowt crap, yet nowt too Jonathan.




‘Sign Your Name Across My Heart’ – Terence Trent D’Arby


I was talking to Anastasia and apparently Francesca doesn’t look like me now (as all thought she did when she was at Tec, because of the huge blonde backcomb).  But she’s dead scared of writing to me, coz we hardly knew each other.  So I s’pose it’s up to me to write to her first.  I shall.


TRIANGLIA was okay, but I think the Flowers/Lampwick’s have terminated their association.  Oh hum.  The creative work grows splendidly, and we’re all getting dead close as a team.  There’s a nice girl there called Martha, but she’s only fifteen.  She is lovely, though.  I say no more, ‘cept her beautiful face just excites me.  If she asked me, I’d say yes, but I think it would be wrong of me.



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Next time: ‘The Girl Thing…’

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