The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 12 January 1988

About Stan's Party





‘Touch Defiles’ – Death In June


One year of Ritcherd and Roger: another spectacle which this world cannot take!


My, my, what a surprise it is that Death In June are on the crap tape recorder, which wants knacking.


Oh heavens, where is the beautiful snow?  No more are we blessed with the chill flakes of yesteryear, fettered and strewn across the wintered landscape.  Where are the white blankets from our yesterdays?  More pasts remembered…


Further onward we ride.


O Lords of my heaven,

Grant us either snow or sun tomorrow; feed the needy; give to the poor; take us through a happy tomorrow; give it a nice twist!  Amen.




‘Repetition’ – David Bowie


Hi, folks.  Just listening to my ‘IN-SOUNDS’ from this time in 1987. 


What happened today, then?  Tech was its usual remahzing entity, full of giddy gaddies!


First off, Mary told me she reckons this girl fancied me, which I wasn’t sure about.  It turns out that she doesn’t, and she is, in fact, Graham’s girlfriend.  I think Mary’s getting back at me.  I discovered that she stirs a fair bit, today.  She stirs quite a bit.  She’s actually turning out to be a horrible bitch.  In fact, it seems she ‘fancies’ me and is trying her best to look like Justine so she’ll appeal to me.


No way is you gonna be my gurl, okay, Mary?!  Okay!!


Looks like I’ll be avoiding her from now on.


Have I said about Stan Flampwick’s pahtey?  He having one on Feb 17th (Flasher, come on down!), so – still seeking truth + beauty – I asked Justine if she wants to go.  She said ‘Yes’.  And Leighton isn’t going.  She doesn’t want him to.  We talked a lot about our past, together and apart, laughing a lot!  She asked me to write her a letter to read after her lesson, so I did.  In the letter, I told her I’m glad we’re friends, as it’s easier to ‘love’ her as a woman and a mate from a distance, rather than in a suffocating boy/girl situation.  I told her we should talk a lot more as close, personal mates, and that I appreciate and respect her.  A while after I delivered it, I saw her and she said I could have a spoken reply or a written reply, which she could write this evening.  I left it up to her, so she said she’ll write something.  She should deliver it tomorrow.  Hopefully.  But what is there to say?!




‘All The Young Dudes’ – Mott The Hoople


I wrote and gave a letter to Amelia Dalle, apologising for not talking so much.  But we ended up talking a lot today and things are fine again!


I also spent a real long time talking to Anastasia, mainly about Francesca, but also about the last six months of life in general.  She was very receptive.  And nice.  I think I always saw her as a bit colder and more impenetrable than she actually is.  She is nice, and I enjoyed talking to her.


I saw the Lampwicks tonite at TRIANGLIA and reverted to being a tit, as I do whenever I see them.  I will endeavour not to in future.



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