The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 18 December 1987




‘Street Fighting Man’ – The Rolling Stones




Ritcherd Winterfood





A double feature with

Nyall Watson







‘Hey, gringo.  I jus’ done seen Jezzy Oakley at the Saloon.  She’s raisin’ hell.  ‘N’ Satan aint’t too pleased.  He gonna six-six-six-shoot the hell out y’all.  Watch out.  He done transmogrified Jezzy.  Which means Jezze James De Carlo, Servant of Satan’s back.  Out to get y’all.  Watch out, Cowboys.  He ain’t too pleased wid y’all an your derogatory comments.  He’s carryin’ a grudge.  ‘Specially ‘gainst the Babie Sleaze Brothers.  Hell’s shootin’ outta his weapon.  All you cowboys are gonna find life a little tougher than it’s been.  Y’all get that?  He only spare one of ya.  He done gonna spare Doc Crow.  But only cos he got a surprise.  Sumthin’ better up his canvas sleeves.  So git down.  Get cool, Cowboys.  Your days is numbered.  Spook City’s grown teeth and they gonna eat y’all for brunch.  And spit out the bones.  Now, g’night, and don’t fergit to put the Twat out…’




Last Chance Down at the Saloon


A huge cowboy hat, a long duster coat, Cuban heels and winkle pickers; blue-black hair spiked out all over the place…


Six Shoot Yo Ass… Fucka!


Doc Crow with his crooked hat and Gonzo eyes, holds up his bullet-proof poncho in protection…




Jez De Carlo.  Return…


‘She’s On It’ – The Beastie Boys


Had a laugh or ten at Nyall’s.


So who stayed at WATSON VEELAHZE?

These: Jez De Carlo, Doc Crow (Nyall), Roger, Suz and Luggage.


And everybody DOES love Suz, much!  Mrs Watson hates her, coming out with statements like, ‘Roger always was fond of dogs’, and ‘Suz’s such a pig, she just ate 13 Pot Noodles’…


I came home today. 


Hey-Ho!  Here I am…




Lately, I’ve been spending time at home, listening to crap and looking after Chip in shifts with Betty.


Naomi rang while I was out.  She’s got my letter and I’m to meet her betwixt 12pm ‘n’ 1pm in NOO-RETCH tomorrow.  Oooh.


So, me ‘n’ Nyall is off to NOO-RETCH.  I hope Anastasia goes with him.  So does he.  We wait tentatively for her to ring him…


So.  Ritcherd meets Naomi.  3 months on.  We’ll see if this is the ‘twilight of a champion’ or not.  Tomorrow’ll tell.  I get this feeling, anyhow…


ITEM!  Paul got in touch.  1st time in yonks.  Strange bloke.

ITEM!  Rang Gran Winterfood for rest of money, so as to buy pressies.

ITEM!  Swapped my BR coat with Flash for bigger black coat.  Farewell BR.





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Next time: ‘Burger Me!’

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