The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 17 December 1987

Twilight of a Champion



My No.1: ‘Twilight Of A Champion’ – The The


Jezus was inspired by Flayhesh.

Jez lives.


ME: backcombed hair with a long, crimped fringe; hair at back tied into a backcombed ponytail; Raybans; black t-shirt; black crucifix; red + black ‘tie-dye’ shirt; brilliant brown leather belt; black jeans; black gloves; long black coat; skull buckle boots; bootchain.


MUSIC: Strawberry Switchblade, The Sisters Of Mercy, Marc Almond, David Sylvian, Visage, The Proclaimers.


MATES: Danyel ‘Flash’ Gordon, Amelia Dalle, Lush, Anastasia/Jill, Nyall Watson, Simon Nightingale.




‘Walking On Your Hands’ – Red Lorry Yellow Lorry


Today, I was undecided whether to go to the Isle Collge Disco with Angie Jones, or the Kid Slut/Shiner/Broadway Cottage gig in West Lynn.  Covering my bases, I got ready anyway.  Nothing elaborate: hair backcombed and spiked, but tied back, no extra attachments, just the crucifix and basix.  I also wore Blondie’s long black opera gloves that she lent me ages ago.


‘Hand on Heart’ – Red Lorry Yellow Lorry


Anyway, I ended up going to the gig, which was a laugh for the atmosphere.  But I hate Dave’s glorious ‘KID SLUT’.  Except for James.  He’s just a bloke, not a bitch and a twat like the others.  Anyway, James might be joining Nyall’s band, but that’s a SECRET!


A spindly Zippy-headed freak that can only walk on its bird’s feet hands because it’s feet are too far up its back and shaped like scimitars, bulges its fat eyes and says: ‘Plop you, Assa!’


I saw Stan Flowers, who thought he was well ace!  He was shit.  Tracey ‘n’ Blondie tried to get ‘the gloves’ back off me, but I told ‘em where to shove it.


Saw Luggage.  He gave me a message from Justine: ‘Have a nice Christmas!’  I also saw old mate Jo Jordan.  We had a good cuddle ‘n’ a little chat about old times. 


Roger and Suz sat together, being all lovey-dovey, so I spent most of my time with Amelia, Anastasia, Lush and Nyall.  Nyall was ace.  Leon was there, but luckily he went after a bit, which meant I could talk to Amelia a real lot.  Eventually, Nyall ‘got off’ with Anastasia.  I was well chuffed.  I was being ‘close’ with Amelia and Lush, who both gave me their addresses.  Amelia wrote this on the back: ‘topxes uoy drehctiR olleh’.  Lush lives on Brandon Road in Watton, trivia buffs.  Amelia lives on Blackwater Corner in Griston.


I must add that Amelia was absolutely beautiful tonight.  Just so… WOW!!!


I gotta send a card to Lush, and a macker card to Amelia.  Ooh Amelia!  Oh Amelia!  Aah Amelia!  I… I… erm… I… she’s attractive and very nice.  And I’m not saying anything that will commit me in mind.  Erm… hum…


But all good things come to an end.  We all went, and got the minibus to Terrington St Clement. 


‘Ride A White Swan’ – Marc Bolan



Nyall ‘n’ I had lotsa chats about Smith, and how Nyall’s fucked off with him.  He also mentioned Naomi, who told Nyall I’d been in touch with her mum, to find out where she lives now.  She’s had lots of chats with Nyall, about how I’m a bastard and how our relationship fell to bits because I went ‘all weird’.  She also told Nyall that I wasn’t too fond of sex.  To be honest, now I’m reminded, this was often because she used to deliberately tickle me during sex, and I’m the ticklishest git in the whole Huniverse, but also – as I explained to Nyall – I didn’t want to be in a relationship that was built upon a routine of sex.  I only ever saw her at weekends and I wanted a more free romance with less bonking. 

Nyall asked me why I went off her, and I explained about the working all week thing, the need for space, no ‘breathers’.  It was just too much for me.  Plus my Granddad Sugden dying.  That was a turning point in terms of self-reflection.


Apparently Naomi had said that even though we weren’t always ‘at it’, when we were I’d make sure she’d remember it!  HA-HA!  COOL!  FLATTEREE!   Tell everybody, Naomi, dear!  That said, we did have sex a lot, to my mind.  A heck of a lot.  And boy, did that girl want a lot of sex.


Just thinking.  ‘Twilight Of A Champion’ is an appropriate title…



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Next time: ‘Wankenstein's donker…’

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