The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 9 December 1987

The Canterbury Tales

‘The Sound of the Crowd’ – The Human League


Amelia Dalle (ooh!  That beautiful name!) introduced me to her other friend, Lush, and she’s really nice.


AnastasiaSimone and Amelia all got letters from Francesca.  She thinks Canada is ‘okay’, lives near Winnipeg, can get hold of Mission records but not Sisters records, and says ‘hello’ to me.  Over there, they call her a ‘mod’.  She’s started taking driving lessons, but hates ‘school’ cos she’s got to do tons of subjects she doesn’t like.  Oh, and she lost all her luggage in Amsterdam (huh?).


I knew I liked Francesca, but reading her letters she came across as really ‘together’, really ‘rounded’ and, well, ‘human’.  I say that cos she – as many ‘alternatives’ can – often seemed quite often ‘aloof’ or ‘distant’.  I think that’s just shyness and insecurity, though, if I’m anything to go by.  Francesca was a real BTC kinda gurl, or so it seemed from reading the letters.


Anastasia will send my address when she writes back to her.


‘September’ – David Sylvian


I chatted a lot to Astra Trellis.  Apparently, Eve Cracknell has invited me to her party on Saturday nite.  Eve is an old acquaintance from my year at school.  She, like us, turned ‘strange’ after school.  Now she’s a really good ‘out of Tech’ mate of Astra’s.


‘Adrenochrome’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


When Astra’s friend, Pauline (who cut my hair last), joined us, she told me a big secret I really wasn’t supposed to know: Mary really fancies me.  I was sort of half surprised, but it seemed to make sense.  I don’t mean that.  I fully intended to carry on my life as normal.  Then Graham revealed to me that he fancies her.  I laughed a lot.


Later, Amelia and I went to see the Drama Department production of The Canterbury Tales.  And it was VERY good.  The only flaw was when Derek should have said ‘shut tight’, but ended up saying ‘tut shight’.  How I creased.



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Next time: ‘Being Cold…’

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