The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 7 December 1987

Goodbye, Bonnie Langford



‘Stand and Deliver’ – Adam and the Ants




Quite a lot’s been happening since THURSDAY.  I mean, I’ve done the odd entry… and I can’t be too arsed to write much now… I feel well ILL again, y’see.  ‘S a puff, innit? 


Quick headlines:


I hate my hair.

Mary is really nice – I am off to write to her in a minute.

Naomi Bell.  Times like these, I think, ‘Wouldn’t it be ace to get back together for CHRISTMAS?’

SU Election.  Hope Sammi gets in.

Graham fancies OLIVIA.

I not in play no more.

I ill.  I have fever last nite.  I knackered.

Chip been ill.

Flash’s on Friday, me hope…

Doctor Who has finished.  The last episode, Dragonfire (Part Three) was on tonite and I really enjoyed it.  I’m glad Sophie Aldred (Ace) is the new companion.  She’s a bit wooden (which might be the fault of the writing), but quite attractive.  And it was actually sad to see Bonnie Langford go, after all.  She wasn’t as bad as we’d all feared back in early 1986

Sarah ‘n’ Jenny nice today.

My favourite record is ‘This Corrosion’.  ‘S cool.

Git face!

The Cure are shit!


I liked Mary, Sarah and Jenny Taylor a lot.



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Next time: ‘Amelia Dalle…’

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