The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 14 December 1987

Dream Last Night

Hi, it’s 12.20am.


‘Only The End Of The World Again’ – Disaster Area


I’m in bed…


In the hols, I’ve got to write to Naomi.  Hmmmmmmmm. 





‘State of Mind’ – Sex Gang Children


Today I stayed at home and be’d a ponce.


The letter I picked up this weekend was from Diana.  And it’s vaguely ‘dodgy’.  She thinks writing to each other is a good idea, and apologises for the delay.  But she says she doesn’t want a dead ‘close’ relationship with me, which is WELL fine by me.  Thank fuck she said that.  She’s a Gemini, too.  BIRTHDAY: 22ND MAY.  She’s okay.  But I ain’t gonna lose my heart.






I may or may not return.


Amelia Dalle is nice.  Ooh.





‘Always On My Mind’ – Pet Shop Boys


Yes, children.  I’d be prepared for this if I wor you.  O’er the hols, lots of diary entries will either be dead short or exceedingly long.  HACE, eh? 


Goodbye for now.  HASSHOLES.







‘Can The Can’ – Ghost Dance



I was to go and meet Amelia Dalle for an evening out together, and I was really looking forward to it.  But on the way, I was waylaid by Sarah and ended up having a really ace time with her.  Then Amelia turned up + was well pissed off with me.  So, as Sarah went, I resumed my plan of having a brilliant evening with Amelia.  But all she did was drag me down to Arundel’s and fix me up with Hazel Church’s sister.  A bit shit, eh?


Spoovy dreams, ahoy.  I hope I dream of Amelia again tonight.  Actually, I don’t dream much at all these days.


OH!  I’d also like to get some letters tomorrow.


Fuck a house and eat it?!



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Next time: ‘Infected…’

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