The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 27 December 1987

Damon and Debbie



‘Dr Mabuse’ – Propaganda


Oh god!  Why does a great furore always occur when I mention going up north to Smokey Cas?  Oh god!


I’ve never vouched that Betty is an exceedingly easy person to get on with, and this year’s diary entries during Feb, March and April have proved that.  But now…  God, I really just would not fucking dare…


I said, ‘Oh, can I go on Sunday nite?’

She said, ‘No.’

I said, ‘Why?’

She said, ‘Cos there’s lots of jobs you’ve got to get done before you can go anywhere.’

‘Fair enough,’ I says, ‘I’ll get them done tomorrow.’

‘You can do ‘em over the next couple of days,’ she says, ‘there’s no hurry.’

‘But I want to go by Monday…’

‘You don’t have to go for a week, do you?’

‘Well I’ll be back just after New Year’s.’

‘I should hope so.’

‘Yes, but by New Year’s I’ll only have been there about four days.’

‘Four days is long enough, isn’t it?’



MY GOD!!!  I HATE HER SOMETIMES.  Why is she so difficult?  Why does she want to chain me to this place?  She hates me to go away and enjoy myself when I could be put to better use, WORKING, here.  What a cow!


Sorry, Xmas or not, I hate being fucked about by worthless brains.  FUCK THE LOT OF ‘EM!


Why can’t they just let me get on with it?


‘Let Her Go’ – Strawberry Switchblade


What I’d like to do:



TUESDAY:  Go to Leeds.

WEDNESDAY:  Doss with Flash.

THURSDAY:  Go to Norwich with Flash.

FRIDAY:  Doss in Norwich.

SATURDAY:  Come home perhaps.


I doubt any of this shall occur…





‘Who Knows What Love Is?’ – Strawberry Switchblade


I watched Damon and Debbie today and it was the absolute best TV programme I’ve seen this year. 



STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE are just brilliant.  This album is great.            



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Next time: ‘Boxing Day 1987 No.2…’

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