The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 24 December 1987

Christmas Eve 1987




‘Gimme Shelter’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


Hi.  I’m Ritcherd.  Or Jez, which I also like to be called, thanks.  I’m 17 ½ and I have been, in time, referred to as a ‘Gothic Punk’.  Fair enough.  If that’s what I am, classify me as that.  But there you go. 


My favourite groups are The Sisters Of Mercy, Alien Sex Fiend, Bauhaus, Fields Of The Nephilim, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Strawberry Switchblade, Led Zeppelin and Soft Cell.  But I like loads of stuff, really, including most late ‘60s / early ‘70s progressive stuff and lots of House and modern Dance music.  Up and coming tips?  Erm… Justified Ancients Of MuMu, Death In June


The last ‘official’ record I got was: ‘Jolene’ by Strawberry Switchblade.


I’m mad, ugly, and covered in zits.  I can be interesting, charming, witty and warm-hearted to decent individuals.  I’m anti-apartheid, anti-Conservative government, anti-war, anti-Nigel Prince, anti-bloodsports and I’m drastically attempting to cut down my meat intake.


I’m single now.  My last girlfriend was Justine Black.


‘Torch’ – Soft Cell


I’m really into: Horror films, Leeds, The Munsters, Doctor Who, girls, Norwich, cowboys, sex, music, food and booze.  Good times.


My best mate is Danyel ‘Flash’ Gordon.  He’s… a… person… his own man, I suppose… an ‘ex-goth’.


‘BEST’ ‘MATES’ (OTHER): Nyall Watson, Amelia Dalle, Lush, Anastasia, Mary Wilton, Eddie Moses, Simon Nightingale and a few more. 


I’ve never heard of Roger ‘I’m a fucking gay’ Watson.  Who is he?


All my Xmas love ritcherd xxx




Really late at nite on CHRISTMAS EVE – almost Christmas Day!!!


‘The Christmas Song’ – Nat ‘King’ Cole


Christmas Eve, folks…


THOUGHTS: Amelia, Lush, Francesca.  That’s for starters.  Hey now.


So.  Santa’s on his way is he?


Christmas Eve, eh?  Growing up’s made me a bit cynical of it all.  You know.  All this trying to catch a glimpse of presents.  Going to bed early so Christmas day gets here quicker. 




I’m not getting many pressies this year, and I already know what those are, so it’s a bit UNCOOL. 




NEW YEAR’S IS THE ONE FOR ME, I THINK.  Let it wrap itself around me…


God.  I really, really, really wonder what Flash’s up to right now.  Intriguing, captivating stuff…


Well, Naomi.  Where are you?  Get in touch.  Did you stand me up on Saturday?  Or is there a genuine excuse?  I’m interested.







‘Stay With Me’ – The Mission

Last Christmas…


Last Christmas was strife.  Tons of agonising. 


This Christmas, I just feel empty.  What I need is… well… at the expense of sounding rude, what I need is





Speaking of ‘bloody good fucks’:


Yvonne De Carlo!




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Next time: ‘Christmas Day 1987…’

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