The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 25 December 1987

Christmas Day 1987







‘Telegram Sam’ – Bauhaus


The Munsters has just been on.  I really enjoyed it.  Yvonne De Carlo was well cool.


Oh, well.  Time for bed, nar…











‘Dominion/Mother Russia’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


Hello, world!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Yo-Ho-Ho!


Jolly Japes and Woolly Wonders, ahoy!


This is the first Christmas for ages in which I have not been ill.  Yo-Ho-Ho! 


Fwaelle… I awoke at about 8am, thought ‘YA-DÜ’ and went back to sleep.  Y’see, I’d gone to bed after finishing Doctor Who – The Leisure Hive by David Fisher

and starting Doctor Who – Meglos by Terrance Dicks

so I was knackered.  But then Flash got me up with a phoon call.  Then George rang, which was ace.  He told me lotsa sordid secrets about NCB’s love life.  But Flash!  Oh Phulayhesh.  It was orluss ace talking to him.  Good on him.




Get this for predictability…





Blank audio tapes

Blank video tapes

Writing paper (for next year’s diary)

Cool boxer shorts

Biker’s jacket!

Tassle belt!

Doctor Who – The Key To Time book

Wake video by The Sisters Of Mercy


That’s it, so far, I think…


Except for these records:


God’s Own MedicineThe Mission (at last!)

First And Last And AlwaysThe Sisters Of Mercy (the actual disc – at last!)

The Singles Marc Almond

Brown Book Death In June (Cheers, Flash!)

Strawberry Switchblade Strawberry Switchblade


(Now, I’ve gotta buy some Lorries…)


Half a face, held in the attitude of Bowie on the cover of Aladdin Sane, but worn by someone grimmer, with a bald head (save for a shocking black mullet down the back of his neck) and stubble…


I’ll be back later. 


Tell thee what: I’m starving and I’m well looking forward to me Christmas flanch.  Turkey, blah, blah, etc.





‘St Vitus Dance’ – Bauhaus


Ooh.  What d’you do on XMAS DAY? 


Ooh.  That dinner wor Rudolf Hess! 


Ooooh.  I’ve just watched Alice In Wonderland. 

It was hess.  Fraight Frudolf Hace.  Dead Gadd.


Now to read some more of my Key To Time, I suppose.


Oi!  The Queen is right about bigotry.  It must be put an end to!  I’ve been that way, and I’ve been treated that way.  It’s a git!!!





‘A Spy In The Cab’ – Bauhaus


Well.  Would you credit it, eh?  Well, well, well. 


Who just rang me, then, readers? 


Yes.  Naomi Bell!


She rang from her old home in Sprowston and we chatted about us, basically.  On Saturday evening, she just missed me.  Leighton and Justine told her I’d been there.  She’d hoped to see me in The Bell on Thursday nite, but, alas, there I was not.  She saw Nyall ‘n’ Anastasia on Wednesday, accidentally calling them Roger and Claudia, which Nyall wasn’t very taken with.


She told me that my letter to her had made her cry, and that she will reply to me.  She also wants her Infected tape back.  Fair enough.  She said that just after we’d finished she spent a lot of time crying and that she’d tried to hate me over the months.  She told me she had been going out with a guy called Paul Langton, but that fell to bits cos he was married.  She also nearly got back with Alex.  Ooooooh!


Just before she finished the phone call and went, she explained that she found it difficult to talk to me, but she said she’d like the old ‘letter sending days’ of May / June to return.  All would be made clear in her next letter to me, she said.





‘Wasteland’ – The Mission


A Personal Review of God’s Own Medicine by The Mission


‘Wasteland’ – I can safely say this track is brilliant.  Reminds me of January this year.  And, slightly, of November last year…


‘Bridges Burning’ – This was the inspiration after Flash and I fell out.  And the lyrics encapsulate my feelings on the return to tech in September.


‘The Garden Of Delight’ – Because the version of this I previously owned is very different, I have no special memories of this one.  The original reminds me of Summer ’86 when Flash was here.  And November ’86 when Flash and I searched all over Leeds for white poppies.


‘Stay With Me’ – A lot of memories in this, a timeless record.  Flash and Dodo for a start.  Me going to see Wayne and The Mish at Peterboro’ ’86.  The rose.  The depression of last Christmas.  Jenny Taylor last year.  Sex with Naomi.  Justine at our house.  A major, brilliant track.  Excellent.  I keep coming back to this one.


‘Let Sleeping Dogs Die’ – Awful sickly depression from when Flash and I fell out, and we’d all listen to this in the drama studio.  UURGH!  YAK!  I look at my stereo in distaste.  Good record.  Bad memories.


‘Sacrilege’ – Probably the saddest.  Francesca is basically what it all amounts to.  And how she went.  So sudden.  The distance.  Hah!  It’s in the lyrics.


‘Dance On Glass’ – No memories or any other observations whatsoever.


‘And The Dance Goes On’ – Reminds me of going off The Mission!  So.  Here we are.  AGAIN.  It reminds me of Justine, too.  Especially certain lyrics.


‘Severina’ – Those days in ’87 when I was so unsure of Flash, following the Dodo business.  Notably the day when Flash told me, in a letter, that he didn’t care if Dodo and I lived or died.  March 14th?  Sad days indeed.


‘Love Me To Death’ – Reminds me of when Justine was going out with Graham and we were to have an ‘affair’; and of how, at the back of my mind, I so much wanted to make love to her… which, to an extent made me worry about Francesca’s leaving…




‘You Have’ – Marc Almond


Review of The Singles by Marc Almond


‘The Boy Who Came Back’ – Hey!  It’s quite good, this.  I like it.  Different type of thing for me, y’see.  I like it.  It’s catchy.  That may be a bad sign, though.  Who can tell?!


‘You Have’ – Quite good, this is.


‘Tenderness Is A Weakness’ – This is rather ace ‘n’ all.  Loud stuff!


‘Stories Of Johnny’ – Brilliant.


‘Love Letter’ – This is good.  I bet half of these tunes really ‘grow’.


‘The House Is Haunted’ – Dead Rudolph.  Dead Rudolph.


‘A Woman’s Story’ – A bit naff and ‘gay’.  Sorry.


‘Ruby Red’ – This is the best record he’s ever done.  It’s ace.  Oh my god.  The album was worth it for this.  Gorgeous.


‘Melancholy Rose’ – Quaint little thing.


‘Mother Fist’ – Interesting little thing.  Very traditional.




Just flipping through my diaries and having a bit of a 1987 Retrospective…


Nostalgia burns.













It’s Christmas Day.  Today.  For the rest of December, read on, folks…


My No.1: ‘Touch Defiles’ – Death In June



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Next time: ‘Boxing Day 1987…’

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