The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 26 December 1987

Boxing Day 1987


TIME: 4.21pm.


‘To Drown A Rose’ – Death In June


Well, the day’s been a bit naffy so far.  Lucille’s here.  Paula’s here.  Erm.  I’ve got some more presents: a) a ‘Papermate’ pen and b) a can of Boots hairspray from my cousins.  Good on them.


I’m reading my Doctor Who – Key To Time book.


Oh.  I ain’t listened to my STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE or my DEATH IN JUNE albums properly (i.e. with the headphones on, actually listening), yet!  BUT WHAT I HAVE HEARD IS RUDOLF



A beautiful, high cheekboned goth girl with fantastice eye make-up…


Psychedelic, meaty twists of flesh swirl and warp, forming sharp talons…




‘Heilige Tod’ – Death In June







                     … OKAY?









‘Another Day’ – Strawberry Switchblade


The two albums are absolutely brilliant.


Favourite tracks: ‘Go Away’, ‘Who Knows What Love Is?’ and ‘Another Day’ by Strawberry Switchblade; ‘Heilige Tod’, ‘Touch Defiles’ ‘To Drown A Rose’ and ‘Red Dog,Black Dog’ by Death In June.



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Next time: ‘Damon and Debbie…’

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