The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 4 December 1987

Another Dream of BMW



‘Crystal Ocean’ – The Mission

Restoring my normality…


Last night, well, this morning actually, I had a coooool dream about getting back with BMW and marrying her.  It was really nice. 


What a load of cacker…


I missed the major rehearsal of Canterbury today.  Bad throat.  Bad cough.  Didn’t sleep till approx 4am this morning.  Well pissed off.  Couldn’t get in touch with Frank Fontaine, either.  By now, I expect he’s recast the whole thing.  My own fault for going to MANHATTAN’S.  Oh god…


‘Letter From America’ – The Proclaimers


Change ‘America’ to ‘Canada’ and you can see how this makes me think of Francesca again.  The words sum up my feelings perfectly.  I’m missing her.





But what is?  And what could have been?






You going





I miss you FRANCESCA xxx


‘Tar’ – Visage




An Ice Warrior with a face like Ivor Salter…


A longhaired Goth…


More white talons…


A grinning animal man with a thick spike of hair to the left of his head…


A quiffed and mulleted dude with hollow cheeks, white eyes and skull teeth…


A knotty lumpen nugget of a creature with huge eyes and a wide grin tells you to pick your playmates.  His limbs are long and pointy.  His feet have naturally grown Cuban heels and a single winkle-picker toe…  Evolution, eh?


Should I go to Norwich tomorrow? 

I can’t afford to, really… but I’ve got to.  Flash wants me to go and pick up a Chrissie pressie for his mate Elbow.  Shouldn’t have opened my big gob about the Doctor Who annuals, etc, I’d seen.  What a TWAHT.

I s’pose I’ll go.  I’ll borrow the Dosh off Betty.  I hope…


‘Fade To Grey’ – Visage


The day goes on.  One week of Tech to go.  Can we wait that long? 

Jez CAN NOT.  Oh-kay? 


Madonna is sexy.


Zodiac Motel





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Next time: ‘Allo!  Allo!’

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