The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 5 December 1987

Allo! Allo!



‘Darkness’ – The Human League


Aye.  Later today I hope to be in Noo-Retch.


Hope I live through the day okay.  Perhaps I’ll bump into Naomi and we’ll talk.  Perhaps.  That would be the nicest thing that could happen tomorrow.  We live in hope.  Well… I do, anyhow. 


Knowing my luck, I’ll see Justine ‘n’ Leighton.  How shit!!!


Goodnite, folks…




‘Bedsitter’ – Soft Cell


Sitting around being a mawngy bastard.


George rang today and told me Naomi had been in The Salmon, asking after me.  I shall write to her… 



Late at nite, whilst Allo!  Allo! is on


Oh my god!  Allo!  Allo! is so fucking awful.  In the past, it’s been good and intentionally corny in it’s own way – which is all v. nice – but this disguised sausage biz is so painful.  It’s like watching Popeye.  It makes me want to commit suicide from sheer irritation and impatience.  You know the sort of situation.  Like in panto, when a ghost is behind our hero and you’re in the audience, shouting, ‘Behind you!  Behind you!’ and the daft git just never manages to get a glimpse of the ghost.  And it goes on FOR EVER.  OH BALLS!!!  I feel irritated just writing about it.  FUCK OFF!




‘Flood II’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


I have been a tit. 


Alien Sex Fiend are ace.  But The Sisters of Mercy are beautiful!



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Next time: ‘Ritcherd be’s crap…’

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