The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 2 November 1987

Yes Sir, I Will



‘Jumping Jack Flash’ – The Rolling Stones


Can’t write just yet.  I’ve got an English Lit essay to do and I’d like to get it done before 11pm.  So… goodbye for now, mates.





‘Yes Sir, I Will’ – Crass


hello!  hello!  hello!


Yes Sir, I Will by Crass is great.



Now.  I’ve got to talk about THE FOG.  Living out here in the middle o’ nowheer, it’s ace that fog.  Clinging all o’er.  Dead thick, it is, ‘n’ all.  FUCKING ACE!!!  I love it.


Justine was away today and I’m still having my doubts.


Jen’s got a new boyfriend and told me today that I’m stupid to be back with Justine.  Thank you, Jenny Taylor.


Sarah.  HAH!  Can’t make her out sometimes, but I’m dead fond of her these days.  It’s like we’re getting closer.  She went to a party on Saturday nite with Hamster, Johnny Gunn, Nyall, Smith, Tony and others – including Naomi Bell who apparently still likes me…


Laura Goldwyn in TS1.  She’s beautiful.  I had to say that.


Roger ‘n’ Suz.  HAH!  They went to a Hallowe’en disco on Saturday nite, ‘n’ Roger hated it coz B was flirting with lots of other boys.  Roger told me that if he’d done that, he’d be slayed by Suz.  Tomorrow, I shall talk to Suz about her ‘n’ Rog.  And me ‘n’ Justine…


Helen nicked some Crass albums from her sisters for me.  To keep.  Yes Sir, I Will and Christ – The Album.  Helen got off with Luggage yonks back.  She’s having problems.  She won’t tell me ‘n’ Lug what exactly, ‘n’ we are dead concerned.


Justine has pretty legs…


As for me…


I’m to appear in the Tech version of The Canterbury Tales.


All ‘n’ sundry think, coz o’ me acne, me terrible acne, that I’m glue sniffing.  All I can say is:




Doctor Who was better than ever tonight in a new story: Delta And The Bannermen (Part One).




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Next time: ‘Heigh Ho!’

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