The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 24 November 1987

Vote for Roger



‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ – The Beatles


Today, I went round with Anastasia and her friends, Simone and Amelia Dalle.


It’s not Anastasia.  Okay?  Forget all that crap yesterday.  Forget all my crap.  I think.  I ‘fancy’ her.  But I realise like a lot of girls in a similar way and should never take this friendship with girls stuff too deeply.


Most of the day was devoted to creating / producing campaign posters so as to get Roger voted onto the Student Union.  The best of our campaign mottos was: ‘VOTE FOR ROGER – HE’S A GOOD SHAG!’  We’re calling it the ‘Boy Wonder’ campaign and it continues apace.


A GOTHIC ROGER is our logo.  That means a cute robin redbreast with bat wings for ears.


One of our posters is of Roger with his thumbs aloft, bangles showing.  His hair’s down and his grinning like Winker Watson.  He’s got ‘goth cock 4 sale’ written on his flowery shirt (worn under a velvet jacket), and he’s saying ‘DO YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH MY GOTHIC SNOOKER CUE?’  But ‘snooker cue’ is crossed out and ‘cock’ has been added in its place.


Another poster has longhaired Roger dressed as Robin from Batman.  It says ‘DON’T BE A GIT – VOTE ROBIN, HE’S THE BOY WONDER’.  But I notice someone has now added ‘Don’t’ in front of ‘VOTE ROGER’.


I drew the posters and Solomon Brown and Holly Blue coloured them in.


Roger and Suz were together today.  Hand in hand.  Just to clarify, I asked him if they were back together.  He didn’t know if they were or not.  Whatever, Holly was in a real BAD mood all day.


Justine’s had a haircut.  I don’t like it.


Saw Stan tonite.  WOW!


Things are WELL sad here at BLACKBERRY NARROW, trying to get my hair to stand up…


Letter from (‘the inevitable’) Mary, written in her Psychology lesson:


She says she’s ‘in one of those really weird moods’ and hating her lesson.  She says she was just talking to me, or rather sitting with me whilst I was ‘being exceedingly artistic’ making Roger’s posters.


She cuts off there and continues later on, at 5.30pm, in her room, listening to ‘This Corrosion’ whilst her mum serves up her tea.  She’s a bit shocked because she just rang Gemma, but Gemma’s dad answered and was rude to her.  She was shocked because they usually get on really well (he calls Mary ‘Witless’ because of her surname Wilton).


Recovering from that, she asks me to help her with her English project to find up to 80 words that are not in the Oxford English Dictionary.  She says she’s already stolen ‘Ho-Hum’ from me.


She tells me she’s got three mouldy tea mugs in her room and that she’s been invited back to school for the Presentation Evening.  Her initial response was ‘Bog off’, but she thinks it might be nice to go back and meet up. 


She wishes Simon would turn ‘Is This Love?’ by Whitesnake off, because it fills her with memories she’d rather forget.


She breaks off when Gemma comes over, returning to tell me they both got sentimental whilst watching EastEnders and Brookside.  She thinks she must be cracking up to get all emotional over the telly.  She got very embarrassed when her mum walked in and saw tears rolling down her face.


She tells me she went to see a really well-written play called Bouncers.  A load of them went in a clapped out mini bus and an argument about animal rights broke out.  Mary and one other person were in the minority in wanting rights for animals.  Such a shame.


She and Emma are going Christmas shopping tomorrow.  Really she needs a present for Simon, but as he’s only 9, she’s not sure what.


She says it must be a romantic week because she was asked out today and someone proposed to her in the pub.  She finishes by saying she’s off to record an LP for a mate and that she’s knackered.


She picks up again in Tuesday Psychology.  It’s raining and her teacher came in late and pissed off.  Mary’s umbrella is at home and she forgot to put her bangles on.  Her head feels terrible, but she’s found some paracetamol.


Thanks, Mary.



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Next time: ‘Floodland…’

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