The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 19 November 1987




My No.1: ‘Sacrilege’ – The Mission


Hello.  Morning, etc. 


Please let today be interesting in an emotional/gurl situation kind of way.  Please.  I think…


See you later…





‘Catastrophe Crunch’ – Foetus


It pissed it down today.  Justine’s hair went flat, but mine stayed up and… well… actually, it went a bit curly.  UUGH!!!


Roger and Suz were close to ‘the end’, but it didn’t quite happen.  And all Suz ‘n’ Justine’s lot thought I was taking the piss out of them, which I wasn’t.  But you know girls…


Roger ‘n’ I talked to Blondie and Tracey a real lot.  Roger and those two are off to a gig on Saturday nite, and Roger and Blondie are going to sleep ‘rough’.  Together!!!  I hope all goes well.  By Monday, Roger + Suz’ll be finished, I suppose.  I’ve nothing much against Suz, but she’s not right for Roger and he can do better with Blondie, I think.


I still think of Francesca.  Perhaps I can get a photo of her from Anastasia


As for Anastasia, I think her and her boyfriend (Sam) have finished.  Probably for the best ‘n’ all.


Luggage fancies a girl called Joanne.


‘Crockett’s Theme’ – Jan Hammer


I’m getting bored of life.  I would go to this gig, but I need the money for Floodland.  I could also go to see Fields of the Nephilim with Simon Nightingale tomorrow night, but… well… The Sisters Of Mercy come first, I’m afraid.


I’ll be back if anything else occurs to me…


Oi!  Mad Ruth’s real name is Kate!



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Next time: ‘Music News…’

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