The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 22 November 1987

Nyall and the Nephilim



‘Incantation’ – David Sylvian


So I didn’t go out last nite.  I feel better now.  I can afford to get Floodland.  But I’ll go mad during the week.  I’ve got to go out next week.  Ooh Ponty, I hope!


I almost cried tonight.  I did it, felt the pain, but the tears wouldn’t get past my eyes.  I cried for you.  For you…





‘Power’ – Field Of The Nephilim

Because it’s appropriate?


Nyall Watson is the coolest thing in PVC trousers and I love him like I love my own dick.  I’ll tell you why later…


Oh calamity!  I have the dosh, but should I buy Floodland or not?  I could buy something else.  But what?  I need a record, so we’ll see…


‘Secrets’ – Fields Of The Nephilim

Because it’s appropriate?


Rang Roger.  He ‘got off’ with Blondie at the Gondoliers gig.  And Tracey was crying about me.  Murder all round on Monday with Roger, Suz, Justine ‘n’ me, I suppose.


I also spoke to Nyall.  Here goes…


Nyall ‘n’ Smith went to that Neph gig on Friday.  And afterwards, they went back to the hotel with the band.  Nyall says they’re really just everyday ‘normal’ blokes, who hate The Sisters but think The Mission are okay. 


OI!  Did you know that the Neph were originally called The Mission before McCoy joined?  Did you know they’re mad on Red Lorry Yellow Lorry?  Did you know they think Nyall ‘n’ Smith are cool?  Did you know they nearly killed Diana’s brother?  Or that Wright wears pyjamas?


Nyall now possesses an autographed bag of flour that used to belong to McCoy!  Nyall also shared a tangerine + a bag of crisps with him!  Good lads!


He’s invited me to a party on Saturday in Norwich.  We’ll see…



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Next time: ‘Floodland…’

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