The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 20 November 1987

Music News



‘Tomorrow Never Knows (Amphetamix)’ – The Mission


Hi!  I’m back.


It’s now a week since my world seemingly caved in.  Ms Crook, I retrod all last Friday’s footsteps and looked at the place where I last saw you.  It hurts when they play ‘Crockett’s Theme’ by Jan Hammer on the Common Room jukebox.  That’s what was on when I found out about Canada.


Francesca Crook, I miss you.  The idea of you.


I spoke to Anastasia and she said she’ll try and get me a photo.  Anastasia’s nice. 


Yes, I do fancy her, but I’ll say no more.


‘Stay Close’ – Jansen/Takahashi


Roger and Suz split today.  There’s a really strong irony to this, as Justine and Suz hate ME for it!  They all reckon I pushed him into it.  Odd really, coz all the time, before I told him to forget Suz and go with Blondie who he fancies a lot, Suz was messing him about with Tim!  Like it’s my fault more than Suz’s, Tim’s, Blondie’s or Roger’s?  Surely I should be fifth down the list?!  I ronically, I’ve not said much to him about it.  Yes, I’ve been there when he’s been with Blondie, but they are managing to do this by themselves!  Today, he alone came to the decision that this was IT, the end.  Becky was upset, of course.  So is Roger, but he feels it’s time to move on.  Tomorrow he’ll ask Blondie out.


‘She’s So Fine’ – Jimi Hendrix




The Mission are recording an album with ex-Led Zeppelin geezers.  Brilliant!  They release the album next March and an EP in January…


Sigue Sigue Sputnik will be back next year, minus hi-heels.  Their new single was to be produced by Stock, Aitken and Waterman, but now some Brazilian geezer’s doing it.  The working title is ‘Sexcess’.  They’re still gigging, apparently.


Strawberry Switchblade are coming back…


‘China In Your Hand’ – T’Pau




12-inch Singles:


Anything by Current 93

‘To Drown a Rose’ EP by Death In June

Anything by All About Eve

Anything by Foetus




Floodland by The Sisters Of Mercy

First And Last And Always by The Sisters Of Mercy

God’s Own Medicine by The Mission

Anything by Diamanda Galas

Anything by Current 93

Anything by The Gun Club

Acid Bath by Alien Sex Fiend

The Singles Album by Marc Almond

Immigrant by Gene Loves Jezebel

Gone To Earth by David Sylvian

Where Was? By Guthrie / Handley / Hussey

Anything by Jimi Hendrix

Anything by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry


I hope I get a letter from ANYONE tomorrow.  A NICE letter, that is.


T’Pau’s lyrix are very true to life.  Dreams are china…


Oh!  Thanx to Mary for giving me a v. nice copy of DickensA Christmas Carol today.


One week on and only mildly better…



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Next time: ‘FM Stereo…’

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