The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 11 November 1987

More Serious Matters



‘Crystal Ocean’ – The Mission


Hiya, folks. 




Hello.  I’m in the middle of a good crimping sesh.


The Mission are really ‘groovy’.  Man!


Simon Nightingale came in today.  Groovy.


Me ‘n’ Jenny.  Hah!  Is it really a year ago?  She’s been a right mawngy one lately.  So gorgeous, but so negative towards me.  I do fancy her.  Always will, but don’t know why she treats me so harshly.  I only mention this because I’ve been reading last year’s diary.


More Serious Matters

Justine and I.  We chatted a little at lunchtime, in the Common Room.  And all that was really said was that she doesn’t hate me.  At all.  Apparently GemmaEmma ‘n’ Mary’s mate whose at the same 6th Form as Leighton – told Leighton that Justine would end up back with me, ‘n’ he got worried (ha-ha-ha!).  But we will, I’m sure of it.  One day in the future, Justine and I will get back together again as lovers.


Then the conversation turned to my plans to leave Norfolk/Cambridgeshire next year.  I told her I will probably never see any of these people again.  Justine was obviously putting on a brave face.

‘You’ll still write to me, though,’ she said.

‘I will,’ I said.

‘Yes,’ replied Justine, ‘but I do hope we get back together before you leave.  Yes.  About a month before you leave, we’ll drop everything, get back together and have a really great time.’

‘Nice idea,’ I said, genuinely liking the romance of it.  ‘But we can’t predict where our emotions will be by then.  Not just like that.  We have to live one day at a time.  When we feel the time is right we’ll come together.  No.  All we have to do is carry on with whom we choose.  Separately.  And when we feel right, it’ll happen.  We must be friends.  I need you.  I want to come back to you.  I want you to come back to me.  But the dust HAS to clear.  Until then, let’s go on alone.’

Our eyes locked momentarily.  I gave her a friendly smile and placed my hand upon her arm in a comforting gesture.  I felt sorrow in my heart.  I was putting the lid on the coffin.  I didn’t really want to, but it had to be done.  Tears began to well in Justine’s slowly reddening eyes.  She pulled her arm, suddenly, from my hand.

‘Please don’t,’ she cried in desperation.  As if to say we’ll only fall for each other if we touch.


We sat in silence for a while, tears in her eyes and tears in mine.


‘Are you all right?’ I asked.

She smiled, sadly.

‘Good friends?’ I asked.







I love her more.


‘Aqua’ – Eurythmics


In the Library today, I was looking up books on Jane Austen, chivalry and courtly love, and neo-gothic revival in architecture.  I also picked up Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.  I went up there with Blondie and Tracey, which was well embarrassing cos Tracey took her folder in there, and on the cover, in massive white letters, it says ‘RITCHERD X’.  It’s all very nice ‘n’ flattering, but is she blind or mad or something?  I mean, look at my zits!  See!  You’re off like a shot!


But anyhoy, Blondie was having doubts about Roger, as he hasn’t finished with Suz yet.  Blondie feels she’s being ‘led on’.  However, I got Roger to have a chat with her and he convinced her that he likes her.  But then I had to intervene and tell Roger something that Justine had told me (in confidence) earlier on.  I’m still unsure as to whether I should have mentioned it, but I know how bad I felt when people were keeping secrets about Justine from me.  I wasn’t going to be a hypocrite after the way I’d reacted to him, so I told him the truth.  I told him that Tim and Suz are getting off with each other in secret!


Now Roger DEFINITELY wants to finish with Suz, but he said nothing to her + carried on as normal so as not to get Justine ‘n’ I into trouble.  Tomorrow’s the day, I think…


Why hasn’t Diana wraited back?  Oh well.  Sad, really.


I really like Francesca now.  I’ve been drifting all over Tech just to catch a glimpse of her, often sitting in certain parts of the Common Room just so I can see her.  I lent her some tapes today and she said she’d lend me some records.  Holly Blue reckons she looks ‘a bit dim’, and often quirky ‘n’ stupid.  I put forward the case that I must do most of the time.  Holly eventually decided we’d look good together and make a nice couple!


See you, folks…



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