The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 17 November 1987

God Bless You


BURGER ME, Wisbech Market Place…


‘Paperback Writer’ – The Beatles




A cup of tea, volume two of TOLKIEN’s Lord Of The Rings and a happy disposition. 


What more could a man ask?  Plenty.  But I won’t.  Tonight I cannot be consumed by greed.  I’ve just been sitting in St Peter’s Gardens, outside the church, talking to a ‘tramp’, or rather a down and out.  His name was Bob and he needed to talk to someone about his life and lifestyle.  I was that person and I feel good for listening to him.  Especially when we parted and he said, ‘God bless you.’  And although I’m not strictly religious… I… I… feel better for him saying that.  As if life is meant to be good…


‘Sons Of Pioneers’ – Japan


I feel a lot for Francesca.  And I still live in hope that we will be successful ‘correspondents’.  I can’t wait to get in touch with Francesca, it’s like a dream come true, except it obviously isn’t as the dream I had was very much the other way around…


TRIANGLIA at 7pm.  Speaking of which, you won’t remember her, but Elizabeth who used to go there is at this mo’ here, in Burger Me, as a waitress.  Uncanny, eh?  No.  I didn’t think so either.


Wonder if that girl at the Queen’s School wrote to me?

Wonder if Flash’s written to me?  Wonder if he’s moved?

Wonder if Diana will ever reply?

Wonder when Francesca will write to Anastasia?


I’m off to the Angles.  See you there.



APPROX 6.45pm.


‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ – The Sisters of Mercy


Here I am.  Alone.  In the Theatre Bar.  Wish I could get into the studio and play this tape.


What’s happened today?


Tech lessons were dull, Justine’s dull, and Suz’s bitchy.  Roger wants to hit Tim, he’s no further in his love developments, Blondie wants him but is prepared to wait, and Tracey still likes me.


As for Anastasia, what shall I do?  She likes me loads and she’s very nice… but… I can’t say if I’d like to ‘go out’ with her or not.  I don’t think we’re fully suited. 





‘Sister Ray’ – The Sisters of Mercy


Hi.  I’m at home.  Floodland, the new LP by The Sisters of Mercy is out and I’m not dead bothered about it.  I shock myself!  As long as I get it before Christmas I’ll be happy.  Cos if I don’t, I never will.


‘Ghosts’ – Japan


This girl at the Queen’s School. 

Well.  Jack said, ‘Hi’, to her today.  He asked her what music she likes, but all he can remember her saying is Alien Sex Fiend.  Which is ace, really, cos last night I was listening to them a lot.  Again!  And they wrote to me today with lots of merchandise news ‘n’ stuff.  Very unexpected.  I don’t think Flash or anyone sent an SAE to Blue Crumb Truck for me, so they must automatically relay all info once your on the list, which is good.  Jack’ll ask this girl to write to me tomorrow.


OH well.





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