The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 25 November 1987




‘The Prettiest Star’ – David Bowie


TODAY I spoke to Roger, and he says he’s not back with Suz. 


What happened was this…

He bumped into Suz on Saturday and she started to kiss him.  He didn’t quite know how to react.  So he let it happen.  He encouraged it.  And so, she presumes they are back, back, BACK, etc., when in fact he’s letting things go on cos he’s not wanting to be a bastard, and, most of all, cos he’s a big wet gurlie pushover.  He says he really wants Blondie.


Oh, Francesca.  Why are you so far away?  I want to see you!


As for Anastasia, I’d brought in a macker bag of Bauhaus records for her to listen to, but she was away.  Carkar!


Not much else…


Oh.  Stan Flowers fancies Flash’s mum.  In a conversation about Groomstool + Feb 14th he told me he really likes her.  


Flash has had a tough time lately.  Gerald (his dad) wanted him to meet his new gurlie friend Julia (I think!), and Gerry (his mam) didn’t want him to and it was all hassle, etc.  That was last time…


He wrote to me today.  The most ‘normal’ letter he’s ever sent me.  But much appreciated.


Let’s talk about Floodland.  It is fucking crap!  I hate ‘1959’ most of all – it’s shit!  There are only three good things about the actual disc:


‘Driven Like The Snow’ – probably because it has an ‘original Sisters’ sort of sound.

The bass guitar on ‘Lucretia’, which is dead Patricia M.  Really good.  Really Gun Club.

The ‘drums’ on ‘This Corrosion’.  But that’s not exactly a new delight…




‘Lucretia’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


Shayte!  I’ve just put the fucking album on again, and now I’ve slagged it off it sounds really good.  What a git!  Mmm.  I’ll let it off, cos I’m nice.  I can’t help feeling, though, that Eldritch and Morrison were much better before they actually got together.  I could be wrong…



The Sisters Of Mercy, Gothic Horror, Alien Sex Fiend, drink, black clothes, Led Zeppelin, sex, Bauhaus, The Munsters, The Mission, Naomi Bell, long hair, Justine Black, patchouli, an unshaven and rugged face.



The Sisters Of Mercy, Doctor Who, Fur Bible, All About Eve, Foetus, Alien Sex Fiend, The Mission, Led Zeppelin, make-up, Francesca, weird clothes, Anastasia, skulls, death.



The Sisters Of Mercy, Gothic Horror, Diamanda Galas, Rose McDowall, The Gun Club, Alien Sex Fiend, Marc Almond, Leeds 1988, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Fur Bible, Jimi Hendrix, The Ultimate, oblivion.



Gothic Horror, The Gun Club, Alien Sex Fiend, Leeds 1988, Fur Bible, Jimi Hendrix, oblivion.


- Future Ritcherd x]


I am currently searching for THE ULTIMATE.


The ‘ultimate’ what? 


I’ll tell you when I find it.


Floodland’s good.  I was wrong.



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Next time: ‘The Fall of the Mutants…’

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