The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 6 November 1987




‘Not Fade Away’ – The Rolling Stones


Afore I go… to TechLuggage said yesterday that he was v. concerned about Justine as she said

she intended staying at Leighton’s, and implied that she’d like to have sex with him.  Just thought

I’d better mention it…





‘Answered Prayers’ – David Sylvian


My feelings are so confused.  I feel a totally real ‘I really want to murder you both’ kind of hate.  But then I only feel all-consuming love for that girl.  The girl that has abused my good nature.  Let’s be honest about it.  Why can’t I be a real bastard?  It seems so stupid to say this, but I could be if I wanted, but… she hasn’t got me angry enough.  HAH!


‘Be Near Me (Ecstasy Remix)’ – ABC


I’ll tell you all about today. 


I got Legs to deliver my letter this morning, and trotted off to my Drama lesson, which was dead good.  I must say that my new Drama Tutor, Frank Fontaine, is well cool.  A great bloke.


At break, Luggage, Holly Blue ‘n’ me went into King’s Lynn, then I came back, alone, and once again borrowed that Sisters Of Mercy import cassette from All About Eve fan Francesca, who I still don’t really know all that well.  Yes.  She was walking towards the Library Block.  I chased after her and said, ‘Francesca, would it be okay for me to borrow that Sisters tape over the weekend?’

‘Sure,’ she said, and gave me the cassette then and there. 

She was wearing greys and greens + skull buckle boots.  A blue rucksack / satchel thing with ‘ALL ABOUT EVE’ on it in big black letters. 


Then I got a letter back from Justine, saying:


‘Dear Ritcherd,


Thanks for the letter, let me know when you’re ready to talk, OK?


Love Justine x




When I finally saw her, we spoke but never said much and I was close to tears.  There was a lot of tension.  A lot of schizo love/hate.  She told me she never wanted it to happen like this, and that she had shown no one my latest letter.  She says she still likes me.  Apparently, Leighton is scared I’ll do him in, coz Justine’s ex-ex, Graham, said ‘Watch it, coz Jez’ll have your head on a plate when he finds out…’ 


Justine was v. concerned as to whether I hated Leighton or not, even though I’d told her I hated her.  But I’m still unsure as to where we all stand with each other…


I poured out all my problems to a very depressed Mary, who was cheered up immensely by my conversation!  Strange…


I finally let Roger off, as it turned out he’d heard two versions of what happened on Saturday nite:


a)       Justine’s: it was just a bit of messing about, please don’t tell.

b)       Nyall’s: They got off with each other and she’s leaving Ritcherd.


Roger was justified in saying nothing as he’d have had hassle off Suz.  I was the same to him when she was seeing Tim.  That said, he never asked me outright, like I did him…


Nyall rang tonite.  NORWICH tomorrow…


I’m off to ring Diana now.  I’m prepared for the worst…





‘Our Summer’ – All About Eve


It’s always engaged when I ring.  SHAYTE!



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Next time: ‘Explosions…’

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