The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 23 November 1987




‘This Corrosion’ – The Sisters Of Mercy

This must be the fifth version I’ve heard!


Oh, burn me in the fire of love.  Burn my soul, then scrape the ash from my carbon figurehead.  Burn my soul…




‘1959’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


Roger was away today.  Popular rumour suggests that he actually ‘got off’ with Suz in King’s Lynn on Saturday afternoon.  And then, sort of, ‘got off’ with Blondie at the gig in the evening.


I gave Anastasia my address today, and ended up hanging around with her.  I spent most of my free time with her. 



Her real name is Jill, but she just wants to be known as Anastasia, so that’s what we’ll call her.  She lives in Watton, has bright purple hair; dresses what I call ‘Hippy Goth’.  She’s a Cure/Bauhaus fan… and is rather nice… and, well… I’d like to get to know her well.  You know what I mean.  She’s… well… she’s nice, and Francesca … and Francesca … and… well… Anastasia… and… I’m not going to say what you expect me to say, but Anastasia is nice.  She went to The Neph on Friday.


‘Many Happy Returns’ – ABC


At dinner break, I asked Anastasia about her ‘n’ Sam.  She said they just didn’t get on.  I could tell before they split, by the way they walked around Tech about 5 miles apart.  She asked me about Justine, and what happened there.  I told her all about it and she seemed well amazed at Justine’s behaviour.  She was also amazed that Roger had finished with Suz.  We talked some more and she asked all about me, Nyall and Roger.  I have a feeling she probably fancies one of the Watson brothers.  Shait!  At the end of the conversation, I said I’d look out for her at afternoon break and have a chat.


At afternoon break, I couldn’t find her, but on my way back to Drama, her friend Laura shouted down the corridor for Anastasia to come + see me.  Very nice.  I also saw her at 4.15pm and we arranged to meet up tomorrow.


Mmmmmm.  I saw Laura just after Anastasia went, and asked her if Anastasia had a lesson first thing or not.

Laura said, ‘No, why?  Do you want me to tell her something?’

I said, ‘No, I’d just like to meet her in the morning, that’s all.’


I hope that she… no, I won’t say a word…


I think I… but I’d like to get to know her first… it’s not just up to me, it’s up to her…


Oh, shut up, Jez! 






One week after its release, I have purchased Floodland.  It took a lot of getting ‘n’ all, matey.  I had to make a big decision.  It was either that or a Jimi Hendrix LP, ‘In The Clouds’ by All About Eve, or a limited mix of Cabaret Voltaire’s new alternative dance groover.  And I felt that if I didn’t get F now, then I never would.  So I did.


Yes!  I AM off to Castleford on Friday night.  So hang on, Flash.


Basically, I really… well… erm… saying things in diaries lately is bad news, guys… so here’s a Future Flash’s opinion.  What d’you think, Flash?


[Piss Off Im drank – Flash 11.12.87]




Anastasia, would you…?  Could you…?  Ever?


Doctor Who’s new ‘un was on tonight: Dragonfire (Part One).  


Isn’t it shit?  KRARP ‘n’ BARBURE.  I liked Ace, though.



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Next time: ‘Vote for Roger…’

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