The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 1 November 1987

Confusion (with Happiness)

Approx 1.20pm.


‘Paradise’ – All About Eve


I’ve just got up.  I didn’t particularly wanna get up at this time.  But there you are.  Let me just present my case before I get hassled.  I slept so late cos of so much lost sleep lately, which I admit is my own fault… but… I bet I get hassled for this… now… I’ll get up and I bet Freddie’s done all my ‘jobs’ and will give me all this big martyr speech and stuff.  Surely… he could have woken me up to do them.  I wouldn’t have minded, I understand that the jobs set aside for me are my responsibility… but… I hate all this big whopping gay martyr stuff.




We’ll see what happens…



APPROX 4.45pm.


‘Sweet Thing’ – David Bowie


Well.  I didn’t get done actually, but I’ve just had loads of jobs to do since I last wrote.


Heigh – ho.  What’s been happening, then, folks?  I suppose I’d better tell you, if not for my own sake.

Today’s been fairly shayte.



I’m thinking about Justine ‘n’ I.  She was in Norwich on Saturday nite, when I’d gone home.  Buses, y’see.  No way ‘round it.  But… surely we’d be better off without each other as lovers.  Another ‘can’t really be helped’ situation.  I mean, we do need each other in a sense, but then I look at Flash ‘n’ Manda (probably v. stupid of me, really) and think: that’s Love.  Why isn’t mine ‘n’ Justine’s like that?  Justine isn’t really right for me, is she?  I can’t say.  I don’t want to think.  I don’t want to… to…



with happiness,

Ritcherd xxx




‘The Waves’ – Wang Chung


Whatever next?





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Next time: ‘Yes Sir, I Will…’

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