The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 27 November 1987

Ah Wunt Dare



‘Love Me To Death’ – The Mission




Hello.  I suppose you noticed I’m not at Tech today.    I am in bed.  With some sort of ‘flu’, I think.  I have a macker headache, and my body aches and feels as though it’s floating all o’er the place.  And I have a sore throat.  And I feel a bit sick.  GAY OR WHAT?!         


My baby brother, Chip, has just come to have a look at me.  He’s grinning his head off. 


I hope I get a bit better today.  Or I’ll be a wreck at Flash’s.  If I actually get there.  Oh god.  I feel sick again…


He says ‘DA-DA’ now, does Chip.  He’s just a bit ace.  Liccle bugger.  He’s beaudeh!  He’s ten bad!  He’s feckin’ skill!  I can’t wait to see what he’s like on Christmas Day.  He’ll be AAACE!


‘Calamity Crush’ – Foetus Art Terrorism

This is AAACE! 

AACE record, or what? 

Let’s get down and disco to Foetus, kids.


Betty’s kindly brought me a kapotae + a bowlaBrek and a Lemsipdinkie.  AAACE, eh?  AAACE!  AACE!  Yes.  All this ‘AAACE’ business is cos I’ve been listening to BTC tapes.  They’re AAACE.


Flash ‘n’ I can be the Illness Brothers all weekend.  I do hope I get there.


‘Plunder The Tombs’ – Fur Bible

This song is fucking AAACE.


I’m sweating like fuck.


Aw!  No letters between me ‘n’ Sarah.  How shit.


AH WUNT DARE, says Berwin, really quickly, on one of our tapes.  But which one?  It’s buggin’ me…


‘American Pie’ – Don McLean


if you’re going to San Francisco











‘Driven Like The Snow’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


I’m up and about.  Mildly better.  A bit dizzy, though. 


Hey now!  AH WUNT DARE comes from the as yet unreleased BTC cassette The Waxy X-Periment Volume Five: The Final Death And Absolution Of Berwin Groomstool. 


Justine’s new haircut is shit and I feel absolutely nothing for her.  Neither does Graham.


Blow my cock.




Flash’s new house is okay, man.  I dunno what to say on houses, but… stay cool, guys…


Tonite we had a diary session and watched It’s A Wonderful Life.



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Next time: ‘Death To The Daleks…’

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