The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 25 October 1987

Writing With Flash



‘Marian (Version)’ – The Sisters Of Mercy


Hello!  I’m at Gordon Villas and I’ve just written a letter to Manda Jones, whilst Flash writes to Justine (as she asked on Friday).  Tell you about that later. 


Oh well.  We’ve got to finish some final Waxy X-Periment taping, and write the Rag Revue before 1.30pm.  Or death will ensue.  Probably suicide or something crap.


My diary’s so tidy these days, it’s ace.  I’ll explain what’s happened since Friday fairly soon.  Possibly when I get home, but I must say I’ve had a good time so far.  I feel crap at the moment, though, coz I want a wash and a shit!  See you later.


Flash writes:




Hello.  Ritcherd’s gone for a shit, so he’s asked me to stand in for him and impersonate.  Well, we now have about an hour to write the Rag Revue, which must last 30 mins, so I reckon we’ll have to cheat and use something we’ve written before.  Fuck!


Fuck, I’ve got dinner all over my Sisters t-shirt.  Never mind!  Well, I’m Flash and I like: Sisters, The Mission, All About Eve, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.  Good, eh?  No, cos I’m a crappy little wonker who can’t do owt…


Well, fack me, I’ve run out of ideas.  Crap-minded git, aren’t I?



Dear diary, it’s 10.58pm.


‘Flowers In Our Hair (Remix)’ – All About Eve


And I, Ritcherd Jon Winterfood, Gypsey Supreme am at home.  Hello!


The weekend has been good, and I’ll tell you what happened, if you like.  The weekend was spent scripting (thank god we got the Revue done), drinking, and going to Cas and Leeds.


And now.  After a farewell to Flash and a rushed morning of Revue scripting, here I am, back home, where I’ve been listening to Led Zeppelin and All About Eve.  Oh, and The Mission.


The World is full of optimism and beauty.  I enjoy smiling again.  I love life, so don’t bring me down, not now.


Revue: first + probably last run-thru’ tomorrow.  Great stuff!


‘Flowers In Our Hair’ is beautiful.




Oh no!  I can’t find Diana’s amulet.  Now I’m upset!!!  Better get looking.  Off to bed in about 10 minutes.  See you all, goodbye! 


Happy Birthday, Flash.



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Next time: ‘Letter from Mary…’

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