The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 11 October 1987

Ventures, Careers and Girls

‘Life In Tokyo’ – Japan


What a strange and whacky weekend.


I thought about Justine today.


I am off to see GLJ in 2 weeks – unless I go to Pontefract


Avenues open to me now:




This Kate Bush play.

Rag Week Revue.

Stan’s band Bombgasm (as they are known again).

Mine ‘n’ Nyall’s possible band – Gwangi.




Drama School?  As long as I get me A’s.

Polytechnic?  As long as I get me A’s.

Film Insitute?  As long as I get me A’s.

Form a theatre company?  Well.  Maybe one day…




Justine Black.  Does she deserve me?  Do I deserve all this?

Naomi Bell.  She wants me back, yes.  But I don’t think I want her.

Ursula.  I fancy her.  Does she fancy me?

Jen Taylor.  I want her most of all.  Does she want me?  Would it work?  No, it mustn’t happen…


‘86 is back…






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Next time: ‘The End of Ritcherd and Justine…’

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