The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 27 October 1987

The 1987 Rag Revue

‘Flowers In Our Hair (Remix)’ – All About Eve


I returned to Tech.  My actions must seem very suspect.  I’m talking, rather slightly, to Anastasia/Jill (Anastajill?) who Luggage fancied.  He’s well fucked off coz he thinks I’m ‘after’ her.  But I’m not.  He’s worried I’ll ‘get into’ where he’s trying to get.  Again.  But I’ll let that be Francesca and Anastasia’s decision.  I don’t expect anything to happen anyway.  Just friendship.  Even so, Luggage has lent Francesca the Mission tape I recorded for him!  And Francesca’s nice, but I wouldn’t make a move on her or anything.  Lug has accused me of listening to The Mission and All About Eve, etc, because I want to get talking to Francesca ‘n’ Anastasia.  But I am slowly beginning to take an interest in Francesca.  Whose hair – almost exactly the same style and colour as mine – I can identify with, I suppose.  Har-har, Jenny, for pointing this out!  At this time, I am dead confused.  Justine aftermaths and stuff, y’know.  But I do have an interest in Francesca…


‘Coal Porter’ – Gene Loves Jezebel


The Rag Revue was a laugh for all those of us concerned.  It went well.  Ish.  Er-hum.  That’s all I can say.  I didn’t expect it to be an amazing production and it wasn’t.  But we had a laugh and the audience enjoyed most of it.  Well, maybe not ‘most’, but ‘some’.  And anyway, we were all WELL pissed.


We did various sketches:


BILLY and JEFF arguing and taking the piss out of the audience and being hassled by THE POSTMAN.


HITLER and GOEBBELS taking about wedgies and arguing over which of them is called Ken and competing over how many Jews it took to build their mattresses (wince).


REGINALD FROCK attacking a BEGGAR and arguing with a POLICEMAN before getting into a fight with SATAN.


UNCLE ALI ruining his nephew JOHN’s birthday when they receive a parcel shaped like a VICAR and get into trouble with a CUSTOMS OFFICER.


POSTMAN swearing at his customers and discussing Jesus’ fish fetish.


TWO MEN offering to have sex with each other’s wives and pets.


The best bit was getting Dave (The Twat) Brown on stage and totally plastering him in shaving foam.  He hated it.  He’s SO COOOOOOL!  He has sworn revenge on me.  Oh damn shame.


Thanks go to all involved:

Derek Hardy (from TS1 – First Year Theatre Studies), Roger Watson, Graham Long, Danny Black (Graham’s mate), Natalie Palmer (from TS1), Fiona Sawyer (from, well, just being everybody’s acquaintance, really), Bianca White, Olivia Pickering (from TS1) and another kid called Ben Fletcher.


As for Bianca White, she was well pissed and lifted her skirt to show me her knickers, which was rather out of character, but very nice to look at.  Sorry, I can’t lie, can I?  I would have to say that she is probably my one of my top five perfect women, with her cat-like eyes, perfectly shaped face with precise nose and mouth, gorgeous body and ample breasts.  Lovely.


Then there’s Olivia (whose real name is Wendy), another of those girls I feel really attracted to, attached to, even.  Or at least I wish I was, physically.  We talked a lot and she’s also dead nice.  But I don’t plan to make any moves.  What I feel for her is simply a form of very dirty lust.


‘Set Me Free’ – Gen Loves Jezebel


I wrote to Justine this morning, telling her I’d still like to carry on in our ‘special’ relationship, and that I love her in a much more mature way now; rather than love/fancy, it is more love/respect.  But, I said, quote: ‘I’m not declaring my undying love for you – nothing so heavy’, which was maybe a bad thing to say!  I only said it so as not to appear ‘heavy’, but we’ve not spoken since I handed her the letter.


Graham told me that they’d finished on Monday due to the fact that she held a lot of feelings for me. 


C’mon Justine, reply to the letter.


Letters, letters, letters…


I’ve GOT to write to Diana.  I wish I had already.  I need Diana.  She’s one of the beautiful people.





With some kind of god, dancing…


‘Suspicion’ – Gene Loves Jezebel


I feel crap to look at.  All my good clothes need washing and I just can’t be bothered.  Lazy git, eh?  Indeed.  I mean, today I wore a white shirt.  URGH!






oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god


Life’s great.


Jenny Taylor

JUSTINE, love exists for you.  But let’s carry on in secret.  I don’t want a repeat of last time.

JUSTINE, love me to death.  Let’s make love.  Let me come for you.


Goodbye, Diary.


Jenny Taylor



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Next time: ‘Girls and Letters…’

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